Knowing the Not Known

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Since 2010 Tiger beer has been running a campaign called ‘ Know The Not Known‘ in which it has tried to provoke curiosity and reward engagement through a series of media partnerships ( Vice and Empire) and a range of bespoke events and creative content creation projects.

Image-1Possibly the most interesting partnership Tiger Beer has formed is with Vice who have just created 3 pieces of bespoke video content to reward consumers curiosity. The 3 videos are known as ‘The Found Series’ and hosted on Vice’s VBS. TV channel as well as Tiger’s YouTube channel. Each film explores the creation and use of a creative space and its impact on the local area and culture.

The first film – Lightship95 – tells the story of Ben Phillips who bought a 500 tonne moored vessel in East London and turned it into a practise space, recording studio and production suite. The film has a bit of a ‘Grand Designs’ feel about it, but instead of charting the creation and use of a living space the film instead explores the creation and use of a creative space. In the true spirit of life as creation Phillips also lives in the boat along with the Lightship95 crew. The video is in interesting journey into a unique studio, as well as a strange tale of maritime conservation and – as Youtube testifies – it is a project that has forged a new direction for the East London music scene.

image-2The second episode – Off Modern – discovers a creative space in South London that sprung up because, quite simply, there was nowhere for creative people to meet up and exchange ideas. From a simple concept has grown a space for young people to produce music, art and create unique club nights.

The third episode – This is it – introduces us to a collective of 12 young creative people based in London, including Film Makers, Graphic Designers, Set Designers, and Animators who have come together to create short films showcasing their talents from their railway arch studio in Shoreditch. Known as ‘This is it’ they are constantly transforming their creative space into imaginary worlds. Their most recent Video “Bad Things That Could Happen” was posted to Vimeo in December 2010 and received over a million views in less than a week.

Each short video is a reminder that creative projects do start and do flourish in a variety of places. Although the videos only focus so far on London it will be interesting if Vice and Tiger Beer can uncover interesting creative projects or partnerships in other places. Perhaps these short films will inspire others to form their own creative projects. Certainly this is something that this blog has talked about in the past, trying to assimilate all of the varied media blogs into something bigger than the sum of its parts. The difficulty with blogging is that it remains on the whole a very individual process and resists overt collaboration. However, as social media has demonstrated, blog traffic and recognition grows when bloggers stand together and publicise the work of other bloggers in their general field. Although informal, this is a creative partnership and as such when one media blog is discovered it generally leads the reader to also discover the others.

This – it seems to me – feels very much in keeping with the spirit of the Tiger Beer ‘Know The Not Known’ campaign.

Viral video by ebuzzing

Help me win a wedding gift for my bride!

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