If you have an affair you deserve to be killed

Daily Mail readers are not exactly known for their compassion, so I can’t say I was entirely surprised to see this article jumped on by Mail commentators: ‘Saudi princess given asylum in UK over fears she faces execution for having illegitimate child with British lover‘. Now having an affair is probably a bad thing, but I cannot say it deserves punishment by execution, Mail readers on the other hand do:

She shouldnt have had an extra marital affair then should she…- Soul, Uk, 20/7/2009 11:45
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Oh so the poor creature didn’t know the Quran? Didn’t know the punishment for cheating? So easy to commit a crime, so hard to face up to it…shame on her.

– Vis, Milan, Italy, 20/7/2009 11:38
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I’m sorry but she knew what she was doing send her elsewhere.

– Violet, Paris, France, 20/7/2009 11:33
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Her affair, her decision, her problem.

Send her packing.

– ScotchEggsRule, London, 20/7/2009 11:32
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At least the comments are in the red – that is some consolation. However, why did so many people feel the need to basically state ‘send her back, she’s not our problem’ – I only picked a couple of examples. Why do Mail readers treat people who live outside of the UK so badly. Here is a women who had an affair, something that happens all over the world and isn’t necessarily a sign that a particular person is evil, but a sign that they are human. Yet Daily Mail readers have dehumanised asylum seekers to the extent that people threatened with execution just for having an illegitimate child are told to bugger off back to where they came from them and take what is coming to them.

All human beings are 99% genetically identical – as much as this fact may horrify Daily Mail readers – so surely we should show a little compassion for those not blessed to live in a liberal society?

Richard Littlejohn and Friday Moderators

Every Friday the Daily Mail moderators relax and let through criticism of Richard Littlejohn. It is a wonderful sight to behold.

His latest drivel: ‘Where’s PC Pagan? He’s at the Summer Solstice, Sarge…‘. Some comments that have been allowed to sit underneath it:

It’s easy to take cheap shots at pagans. “He’s the one with the horns on his helmet, seconded to the raping and pillaging squad”, for instance. It would be just as easy to take cheap shots at christians. “He’s the one in the floor-length cowled robe, seconded by the Inqusition’s torturers”. (But you won’t, of course. it isn’t safe). Or perhaps one could take a few cheap shots at journalists while we’re at it. “He’s the one in the saloon bar, desperately squeezing a hackneyed tirade of half-truths and opinionated rubbish out of his booze-sodden brain”. Or maybe even take a few cheap shots at people like me: “He’s the one who can’t resist the temptation to hit the keyboard when he sights an easy target”.

Come on, Richard, this piece is unworthy of you. You can do better.

– John Davies, Newport, Gwent, Wales., 17/7/2009 9:48

“I know it’s easy to mock, but someone’s got to do it”
You’re right Richard, you could never be accused of avoiding the easy option.
– Adam Dickson

The comments system is now broken, as seems to be increasingly common with the Daily Mail webshite.

Shit yourself, Daily Mail reader, Shit yourself

Mass hysteria, odds given as facts, headlines that don’t match the content. At the Daily Mail they do anything to sell more copies.

Swine flu: one in eight forced to take time off sick as pandemic spreads squeals the Hypochondria Tribune a.k.a. Daily Mail today.

As Armageddon creeps in, the paper informs you, “the vast number of people off work could leave many businesses struggling to run as normal and cripple public services and transport over the summer”.

But hold on a minute. If this pandemic is so bad, why is the same paper plastered with “boob-job bikini”, “Michael Jackson’s leg” and “Pamela Anderson’s Playboy catalogue”? And also, I don’t know anyone affected by swine flu. You probably don’t either and nor does your neighbour. So where does this “one in eight” thing come from?

That’s where the puzzled reader decides to delve into the article in order to learn more. Yet the picture that emerges depicts a totally different story and, above all, different verbal constructions.

Because if the headline makes it sound like it’s already happening, the piece by Daniel Martin states that “Almost one in eight workers will have to take time off sick with swine flu in the next few weeks”, and that “chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson is expected to announce that 30 per cent of the population is likely to be infected during this first wave of the pandemic”. Will. Expected. Likely.

This morning the BBC reports that the number of people contacting their GP over swine flu-related fears “has jumped almost 50% in the last week” – basically, mass hysteria in its pure form.

As the Daily Mail enjoys a circulation of roughly 2.4 million and a readership of up to 6 million, could it just be that their recent headline “A SORE THROAT- 48 HOURS LATER CHLOE WAS DEAD” may have something to do with the ensuing panic?

Article kindly cross-posted by Claude from Hagley Road to Ladywood. You can read the original article here.

Ladies and Gentleman: I give you the Daily Mail

As you are no doubt already aware I harbour strong feelings of disgust that the Daily Mail is read by around 2 million people. I find it hard to comprehend how that many people want to be fed a diet of hate, lies and just plain piss-poor information. Some would argue that there are worse tabloids out there – The Sun, The Daily Express etc – but today the Daily Mail has sunk beneath them all with its disgraceful reporting of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report on social housing.

I first saw this report on BBC Breakfast and heard more about it on Radio 5 Live on my way to work. The overwhelming emphasis of the report is that the impression that a lot of people have that somehow immigrants jump to the top of the social housing queue because of special treatment is entirely false. It is a myth. I immediately thought, how are the Daily Mail going to spin this one?

On the BBC website they go with the headline:

BBC headline

The opening paragraph and general coverage of the story:

There is no evidence that new arrivals in the UK are able to jump council housing queues, an Equality and Human Rights Commission report says.Once they settle and are entitled to help, it adds, the same proportion live in social housing as UK-born residents…

“It is largely a problem of perception,” he [Housing minister John Healey] told Today.

“The report shows there is a belief, a wrong belief, that there is a bias in the system.”

Reuters go with: ‘No evidence migrants jumping housing queue‘. Opening with:

Migrants to Britain are not receiving preferential treatment over the allocation of social housing as many people believe, a report released on Tuesday said. Last month, Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised to overhaul the system to “give more priority to local people,” addressing public fears that migrants were getting unfair treatment. But the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said research showed such concern was misplaced.

Build.co.uk go with: Migrants ‘Not Getting Housing Priority‘. Opening with:

The vast majority of people who live in social housing in Britain were born in the UK according to a research study published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission today.

ITN: Immigrant housing priority ‘a myth’; Guardian: Claims that immigrants prioritised for social housing ‘a myth’; The Independent: Study ‘ends myth’ of housing for immigrants; The Daily Telegraph: Immigrants do not get housing priority, study shows. Even the Daily Express headline is refreshingly accurate (even if they still shout it):  IMMIGRANTS ‘DON’T TOP HOUSING LIST’.

So, how does the Daily Mail tackle this story? Well, this is their headline:

Daily Mail is scum

Yes, that is right, they use the report to beat immigrants and still insist that they are taking too large a share of social housing. They open with:

Nearly 400,000 homes have gone to tenants who were born abroad, the Government’s equality watchdog has said.One in ten state-subsidised homes is occupied by an immigrant family, according to the first estimate of the impact of immigration on social housing.

More than half of the immigrants who live in council or housing association houses and flats are in London, the report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission found.

It added that four out of ten people born abroad who live in the capital are living in subsidised housing – a figure that suggests a million people in immigrant families have found homes in social housing in London.

And also feel the need to quote Civitas (think BNP in smarter suits):

But Robert Whelan, housing expert at the Civitas think tank, said: ‘In some areas most units of social housing are going to immigrants, which provides fertile soil for the BNP.’This report does not reflect the concerns of working class people and it is extremely unhelpful at a time when the BNP is hoovering up votes.

‘It does not recognise the claims of longstanding local residents whose families have contributed to communities for generations.’

I do not think any analysis is neccesary here, with this unbelievably skewed article The Daily Mail make it clear that they want to protect the myths that feed their own racist agenda. What do you expect from a newspaper that recently said: ‘The “British homes for British workers” plan, if it succeeds, will force councils to end the unfairness which sees immigrants with large families vault to the top of the council house list’. This has now been proven to be a myth, but you will not read that on the Daily Mail website, you’ll just read more lies piled up on the rest.