AOL in huge Fail

The News Grind is a satirical news site along the lines of the Daily Mash. Today they published a spoof story on the Moat situation:

Live camera crews have been deployed in the hope they will capture the best footage of Moat being riddled with bullets in a shoot-out.

“Talk about great, cheap telly,” said news broadcast analyst David Spacey. “For the cost of creating ten seconds of a single episode of The Pacific Sky will have 72 hours of live broadcasting on 12 channels, with a potentially explosive climax. And it’s all in HD.

“The nation can’t wait to see what will happen.”

The potential bloodbath has certainly caught the imagination of ordinary people.

“I can scarcely wait for the climax,” confirmed Elsie White, 77, as she raced back to her house after picking up some toffees and copies of today’s paper from a local newsagent featuring the blood-soaked face of a police officer allegedly shot by Moat.

“We haven’t had a live event like this to enjoy for quite some time and there’s only old Doctors episodes on at this time of day.”

Just about as clear as satire comes, right? Unless you work for AOL that is:

AOL Fail
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The article goes on to quote great chunks of satire from the News Grind, even pointing to the source as if it were a valid and serious news source, they even quoted the following without question:

Families have been collecting children from schools and nurseries throughout the day so they could watch together, as expectations reached fever pitch that a violent firearms confrontation was imminent. Over 800 schools have closed across the country as a result.

Just another example of why our media is a complete mess.


When AOL pull the plug you can still admire the complete FAIL here, because I screen grabbed the whole thing, just for you.

Massive hat-tip to @lostaddress who Tweeted this to me.  Also, upon investigating this I discovered that Robin Brown has already covered this, so polite link to his post here.

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Fail and Shameful Scaremongering

From the Daily Mail:

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And another story aimed at scaring pregnant mothers: ‘Babies born at night in hospital ‘have higher risk of dying‘. Now, we looked at absolute risk and relative risk the other day, so this article is using the same scary trick:

Pregnant women have been warned their delivery is nearly fifty per cent more likely to go wrong if they give birth at night rather than during the day due to poor staff cover.

A worrying study has uncovered a link between drastically higher rates of newborn death and admission to neonatal intensive care for deliveries in the evenings and early hours…

The chances of death in some hospitals could be as much as 47 per cent higher if the babies are born between 6pm and 8am than if they are born during the day. [My emphasis]

So, in order to assess how worried mothers would need to be, and whether this rate is ‘drastically higher’ we have to look at the percentage of children dying:

between 0.05 and 0.09 per cent of infants died during or soon after birth.

Rates were higher among infants born at larger hospitals, but were still less than 1 per cent.

So, as we know, 47% higher relative risk when the absolute risk is less than 1% it not something pregnant mothers should worry about or even consider, yet undoubtedly this article aims to make them do just that. This is pathetic scaremongering and typical of the Daily Mail outlook on life. Just shameful.

Daily Mail in X-Men Fail

The Daily Mail – always quick with a movie exclusive if it involves a semi-naked celebrity – has some NEW shots of James McAvoy in his lead role in the new X-Men movie:

British actor James McAvoy has landed another Hollywood action franchise with the lead role in the latest X-Men film – and he has a tough new image to match.

The 31-year-old Scot, who rose to fame in UK TV’s Shameless, will play a young version of the Marvel superhero team’s iconic leader Professor X in a prequel to the blockbuster trilogy.

A new still from the film shows the actor in peak condition, with his tanned torso looking incredibly toned and taught.

Firstly, love the Daily Mail Reporter’s mistaken use of ‘taught’ instead of ‘taut’, secondly, here is the picture:

James McAvoy
James McAvoy's 'new' toned body

Even better the caption underneath the picture states: ‘Fighting fit: James McAvoy as a young version superhero Professor X in the upcoming X-Men: First Class’.

Except it isn’t. The photo is of James McAvoy, but isn’t from the new X-Men film. It is, in fact, from the 2008 film ‘Wanted‘.

And to think this useless newspaper spent weeks telling over 2 million people how to vote in the general election…

Thanks to @soddie_d who informed me of this sizeable Daily Mail fail.