March 26th old news already

Today’s front pages:

  • Daily Mail: ‘Fury over Bulger killer’s tryst with girl guard’, and a story about Princess Eugenie riding a bicycle.
  • Daily Star: ‘JORDAN: If I revealed what REALLY happened Alex would be destroyed for ever!’, a small piece about Sian O’Callaghan and another about Coleen Rooney.
  • Daily Mirror: ‘Back on the beach: Canoe man reveals how he faked death at scene of the crime’, some drivel about someone leaving Loose Women and a short intro piece on ‘Libya rape girl’.
  • The Sun: ‘Sian cops watched as suspect lit bonfire’, plus short piece on Libya and dancing on ice winner (I think, I can only view a tiny thumbnail of this front page, so I could be wrong).
  • The Independent: ‘Onwards to Triploi’, an advert for an article on ‘The toxic question of where the PM educates his children’ but it also advertises a story on the protests: ‘The protests carried a message the Government must hear’.
  • The Daily Telegraph: ‘Britain is open for business, say top investors’; some drivel about Princes Will and Harry and their stag do, an article on how ‘Anarchists “plan to target royal wedding”‘, some stuff about cancer drugs, Gaddafi and ‘A barbecue August’.
  • The Times: ‘Libya rebels close in on Gaddafi’s strongholds’, lots of other lead articles, too small to make out.
  • The Guardian: ‘Turkey offers to broker Libya ceasefire as rebels advance’, an article on Mansion tax, the Bank on England inflation forecast for 2012 and a small advert for an article on the demonstration – ‘Britain can still state a good demo – pity about the mini-mob who gave the tabloids their headlines’.

I know the demonstration was held on Saturday and that most newspapers covered it on their front pages yesterday, but not everyone buys a Sunday paper and doesn’t the demonstration deserve further prominent coverage? This is the main problem with our current media, all news is old news before we have even had the time to properly digest it. It is replaced, each day with something else to distract us. Except that this isn’t always the case, when it comes to speculation the front pages can be dedicated to the same topic for as long is as needed – the media furore over Joanna Yeates for example dominated front pages with nothing more than lurid, invasive and malicious speculation.

Yet as today demonstrates, when they have the chance to reflect on something important, something solid – a topic that requires careful consideration instead of mindless speculation – they fail, every single time, to provide it.

The ‘Dudley 2’

Just received my latest email from the EDL discussing a march taking place in London tomorrow. The email stresses the importance of ‘mobilising divisions’ (as if they are an army) quickly in support of the ‘Dudley 2’ who are:

being persecuted for standing up for the rights of everyone in this country

Actually, as far as I can determine they were arrested for breaking into a disused factory and staging a roof top protest in Dudley. Presumably they were campaigning to maintain the age-old right of indigenous Brits to break into to disused buildings and from the rooftops rain down such awe-inspiring messages as ‘E, E, EDL. E, E, EDL.’, interspersed with racial slurs against Muslims. An arrest which is portrayed in the email as ‘being persecuted for speaking the truth’.

What martyrs they are.

If you are a fellow ‘patriot’ (a term ironically formed to express the rejection of all things English and the embracing of all things American) then you might want to read the full email which is reproduced below. Or you could just read it to make sure you avoid this colossal group of ignorant thugs who want to do nothing more than drink Stella and repeat nonsensical terrace chants whilst looking for a ruck:

Hi fellow Patriots.

Many of you are aware that there will be a march in London tomorrow (Sat 22nd May) and though this is not being organised by us, this is a very important statement to make. We need numbers there.

We have proven in the past that divisions can mobilise fast, so lets see if we can repeat this. The Dudley 2 are being persecuted for standing up for the rights of everyone in this country who have accepted England for the Country it is, and do not want to change it to suit their own ideologies, and this march is to protect like minded patriots like us from being persecuted for speaking the truth.

Details are below:

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

March from Tothill Street, Great George st up whitehall past Downing st, Trafalgar Square, Cockspur Street into Waterloo Place where speeches will be made against the Government and their intention to ban English Patriots

Every Muslim child that is born in England and is thoroughly islamized through Shariah Law indoctrination and extremism, is a time bomb for English children in the future. The latter will be persecuted when they have become a minority unless we act for them now.

Therefore we are organising a major march to Parliament to protest at the values and culture of Britain being destroyed by traitors determined to promote a minority who clearly despise Britain and all it stands for.

Time is short and we have to get out and reclaim our Country. In Dudley the police used firearms to suppress opposition to Shariah law by English patriots. On 22nd May we need all English Patriots to descend on London and fight for our country by passive protest. Time is against us and it is action that is needed now not words. By attending this event in the thousands we can make our voice heard. Welsh Scottish and Irish patriots are all joining the English patriots in this as we are all suffering under the British government persecution of our rights to national identity and keeping our culture secure.

It’s our Country so lets go get it back…

No Surrender,
Trevor Kelway