A degree in journalism results in…

Jessica ‘Bachelors Degree in Journalism‘ Satherley has been probing the world for more fascinating stories and no doubt months of hard work have created this stunning piece of journalism: ‘Very mature! Sting pokes his tongue out at photographers while on romantic holiday with wife Trudie‘. As is the case with any Jessica Satherley article it has prominent photographs of said celebrity (as if we are not capable of believing any celebrity really walks down a street unless we have frame-by-frame coverage of the event) and contains mind-numbingly inane content such as:

He might be 58, but Sting didn’t feel the need to act like an adult when he became frustrated at photographers, and instead poked his tongue out like a child on the playground.

Still, the story is accurate right, I mean Jessica does have a ‘Bachelors Degree in Journalism’ and this is a simple story of a couple on a romantic trip, surely nothing can go wrong here?

Well, if you make the claim that the couple are on a ‘romantic holiday’ in your headline and twice in the article (‘romantic break’ and ‘romantic Parisian trip’) you would expect them to actually be on holiday.

Except they are not. A kind reader has just emailed in his surprise at hearing Sting was on holiday, given as he had just enjoyed a concert this evening performed by Sting at the Bercy arena in Paris. It seems Sting will be cutting this ‘romantic break’ very short, considering he is playing the Royal Albert hall for the next two nights  before continuing on a busy tour schedule until November 10th.

Perhaps the Daily Mail are right: a university education is becoming increasingly devalued.

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