A dishonest press must hold itself to account

I know this blog has been very quiet as of late and I am going to be honest with you about the reason: Harry Potter. Being an old romantic I didn’t take any reading material on my honeymoon, so after wondering around New York for the first week the second week was designed to be a chance to relax by the pool. Well, relaxing next to the pool is much better with a book and the only book available was the first Harry Potter book that the wife had packed. So, I read it and then felt obliged to the read the rest of them. Which I have done in the past couple of weeks, hence why I have not been posting on here.

So, now that is behind me I hope to start blogging again as well as starting some related projects that I’ll announce on here in due course.

Now, this post does have a point as I wanted to comment briefly on the News of the World phone tapping, which seems to have been routine practice at that newspaper for quite some time (and I’m fairly certain they are not the only tabloid newspaper who have done this either). Newspapers still laughably claim to be our moral arbiters and they’ll be the first to criticise a politician who dodges questions about any kind of dodgy behaviour. Yet, the NOTW has maintained a sturdy defence of ‘blame it all on one guy’ whilst everyone else either had no knowledge or memory of any phone tapping whatsoever.

The whole argument is pathetic and will hopefully be cast aside by some form of proper police investigation. Andy Coulson deserves no place in politics irrespective of whether he was aware of or involved in phone-tapping but he shouldn’t be made a scapegoat for what is rife within an industry, not merely one office or organisation.

I will not attempt to comment further given that the below bloggers have already done a great job of highlighting this issue:

Tabloid Watch: New York Times investigates what most of the British media won’t and ‘Inconceivable no-one else knew’

Five Chinese Crackers: What would the Met get in return for not looking hard at News of the World phone hacking?

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