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Haven’t done a list of links for a while but I read an awful lot of stuff online so I should do this more often. If you are interested in some of the things I read online I post the better stuff on Twitter so feel free to follow me if you aren’t already: @uponnothing. I also Tweet amusing or terrible headlines and articles from the Daily Mail…

Anyway, without further ado, here are some links from last week.

The Enemies of reason pointed out David Cameron trying to make political capital out of the torture and near death of two young boys, blaming the horrific crime as evidence of New Labour’s ‘broken Britain’ and also looked at the coverage of the Haiti earthquake and how the media seems obsessed with ‘machetes’:

Scan through a few nationalist and ultra-nationalist blogs, for example, and you’ll find almost visible salivation at the idea that Haitians are essentially a teeming mass of machete-wielding mobs, hacking each other to bits.

Tabloid Watch looks at another ‘clarification’ from Richard Littlejohn that tries to blame someone else for his total lack of even the most basic research:

He certainly hasn’t apologised. He says ‘if’ he has spread lies about Vaughan he is happy to put the record straight, despite it being perfectly clear he has. ‘If’ doesn’t come into it. It’s a classic newspaper non-apology.

Left Outside looks at how the media war on drugs has turned its focus on ‘legal highs’ and completely lied about them – blaming them for the death of a 14 year old girl:

A following coroner’s report established that there were no drugs in her system and that she died of broncho-pneumonia following a streptococcal A infection.

The reporting of this at the time should have been described as scandalously irresponsible by any sensible definition of the term.

Feminazery provided a handy round-up of Daily Mail sexism (although I’m not sure if it would have been easier to point out the few articles that aren’t misogynistic…).

Hagley Road To Ladywood sparked some debate with a post on the Edlington attacks:

unfortunately, torturers, serial killers and assorted scumbags have stemmed from all decades and walks of life, pre- and post-Thatcherism, pre- and post-New Labour, in council estates and in more affluent homes, the product of a “broken family” or an apparently solid one. They may have watched horror films or not. They may have been into classical music or Marilyn Manson.

John George Haigh, the “Acid Bath Murderer” wasn’t on state benefits, didn’t smoke spliffs and didn’t have the opportunity to watch Saw as a child. He was brought up a devout Christian and even went to a grammar school. Alas, that didn’t stop him from dissolving nine people in acid.

And finally, to end on a more cheery note I could have picked quite a few stories from the Daily Mash to link to but I chose this: ‘CLASS 4B INTRIGUED BY TORY ‘SUPER-TEACHERS’‘. I fully expect you to read all of the other stories afterwards.

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