'A lower standard of person'

I knew one of the Daily Mail’s overpaid columnists wouldn’t be able to miss passing judgement on the vulgar lower classes who dared to attend Ascot: ‘Death of civility and the rise of the vulgarians‘ [istyosty.com link], is the headline for Amanda Platell’s latest brain-vomit. What I find strange is the assumption that the ‘eight men’ brawling just must have been lower class. I’m pretty sure that from a photo of men dressed in suits you cannot really identify their class – unless such suits are just very common when they should be dressed in top hat and tails. Perhaps I’m just showing how lower class and vulgar I am by not being able to engage a proper class radar to determine with any certainty what seems to be so obvious to every Mail hack.

Anyway, Amanda Platell is absolutely certain that such a fight was caused by people who are -irrespective of class she claims – inherently much worse than those with a bit of cash, the trouble is, bemoans Amanda:

The fact is, when you lower your standards, you get a lower standard of person.

I wonder if Amanda might ever wonder about the standards of the tabloid press and the newspaper that she writes for. They have been lowering standards in a race to the bottom for years now in a calculated attempt to get as many of these ‘vulgar’ people as possible to buy their hate-filled propaganda rags. It might seem strange, therefore, for the newspaper that has been appealing to this lower-order through employing ignorant buffoons like Richard Littlejohn and making the Mail website a veritable ode to celebrity-shit-TV-culture to criticise its primary target market. But that’s the great thing about the class system in the UK: we all like to look down on others and we can do this because we consider ourselves a class apart or at least to some extent classless.

So, the poor people who save up their pennies to buy the Mail (or read it for free online) will be looking at these pictures and pointing out that money cannot buy you class. Whilst the middle and upper classes will be looking down and saying isn’t it disgraceful. The readership will not identify with these pictures anymore than they would identify with the obscenely wealthy celebrities that the Mail is so obsessed with, or the council-house single mums with 8 children by 100 different fathers. It’s all just some kind of Victorian freakshow where the audience screams abuse or roars with laughter whilst somehow never catching a reflection of their own lives as they look on.

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