A Richard Littlejohn Fan Writes…

A while back whilst posting about Richard Littlejohn I pondered over what sort of person actually reads his made up tripe and thinks: ‘Yes! Richard Littlejohn is really telling it like it is, I believe his output.’ I suggested that I had found a Littlejohn believer after Barry Faulkner posted this comment on my blog:

I like him,,,, but then i’m probably from the same generation and views. This country is sliding downward at an ever faster pace. You need ppl like Littlejohn to speask their mind and say what the vast majority are thinking

Furthermore I visited the link to Barry’s blog and concluded that he was exactly the kind of semi-literate, gullible, ranting tool that laps up not just Littlejohn’s fact free content, but the entire message of the Daily Mail. From further comments posted under the same article I can see that a few of you have visited his angry rantings and posted some highlights. Obviously Barry has seen the increase in traffic and found my original post, which he has taken the time to respond to:

Thanks for not publishing my replies…..typical …say wht you want and silence any other views.

Considering I have never used comment moderation I found this published comment rather humorous, especially because it revealed perfect Littlejohn paranoia: that although the vast majority of the mainstream press is slightly to the right of Hitler; somehow the left actually dominates discourse and someone silences any other views… although we can find these views every day in the Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph and so on. Seems the left – including me, presumably, for publishing Barry’s comment – is doing a pretty bad job of suppressing dissent.

Still, Barry is nothing if not a trier and he managed to get not one, but two comments past my non-existent moderation:

Well, first off thanks for promoting my blog…. but if you are going to call me an idiot then get a few facts right…I have no truck with the far right and certainly am not a ‘ diversity Nazi’ my blog asks for arguments and comments so let’s dispel that lie from you.

At no point did I call Barry a ‘Diversity Nazi’, here is what I actually said:

He’s the sort of person that could probably sit there with a straight face and argue that people interested in equality and fairness for all human beings are actually ‘diversity nazis’.

So Barry, get your facts straight, I wasn’t calling you a ‘diversity Nazi’, I was calling you an ignorant half-wit who was probably stupid enough to use the term on others. You know, I could be a ‘diversity Nazi’ by being fond of our multi-cultural society and accepting of people who are different to me, whilst at the same time suppressing comments on my blog from right-wing basket cases as if I were a Nazi suppressing free speech. Of course, I do not moderate my comments, so the accusation would not be accurate, but I hope you understand the point I am making all the same.

Kendo needs to check facts before deriding them and both Subtle and JB need to do the same. C M Carter goes to my blog but can’t be arsed to read it….perhaps he goes to library but can’t be arsed to take out a book…I don’t hide behind pseudonyms and snipe and I would think that under your lefty constitution I would get more than a set of crayons in my old age…how about a large piece jigsaw and a colouring book…so please get things right before posting… now you must all be very tired with your childish sniggering so go get your nappies changed and have a little sleep. And if all you can fault is my placing. of . full stops. get a life.

As for the rest of the comment, I really am at a loss. Like reading your blog I can barely make any kind of sense of this Virginia-Woolf-on-speed stream of consciousnous. If you’re going to call me names, at least take the time to make sure I know I am being insulted. Your comment should be aiming to upset or belittle me, not make me rather smugly point out that yes, Littlejohn’s fans really are thick enough to believe him.

If you are at all representative of Littlejohn’s fan club I can finally understand why you want him to be PM, call him a genius and genuinely think that Littlejohn is the satirical heir to Oscar Wilde (without the overt gayness of course). Compared to you, he is a bloody genius and a fantastic writer because he can generally put commas and full stops in the right place and although his childish arguments can be torn apart with a quick Google search or simply by the reader having a double-figure braincell count – at least we can vaguely understand them. As opposed to the incomprehensible gibberish you spout or your blog and in my comments section.

Still, at least you finally have evidence that New Labour are hell bent on only employing immigrants, if I may quote a recentĀ blog postĀ of yours (titled: ‘Its a fact Brown‘ [sic]);

Whilst our young people waste away in the benefit wilderness….one million nine hundred thousand UK jobs have gone to immigrant labour since Labour took control in 1997 Fact.

I’ll just kindly you point you in the direction of the following blog posts:

Of course, if you find those links all a bit to confusing – being referenced, factual, adult blog posts may come as quite a culture shock to a Littlejohn reader – then why not hop over to Littlejohn’s latest column. In it he is correcting the entire aviation industry with his superior knowledge of jet engines and ash, as well as correcting the entire scientific community (apart from the ones working for oil companies) on global warming: which as we all know is a myth because we had some snow over Christmas.

For those of you reading this who are not Barry Faulkner, remember: you might think there is no-one stupid enough to really believe what the tabloids print, but sadly there is, and his name is Barry Faulkner.

If you feel you can help Barry overcome his addiction to Richard Littlejohn, please contact him via his blog (WARNING: not safe for braincells).

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