A slight overreaction?

The Liberal Democrat commitment to not just renewing Trident without any consideration as to whether it is still relevant in today’s world has received quite a lot of attention from the tabloids. This isn’t really surprising considering that tabloids exist to spread fear and it seems from my conversations with people that a lot of people do think we still need a nuclear deterrent. However, one of the arguments for not renewing Trident is that it has no tactical function in dealing with terrorism, and can play no part in the extended wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. However, a Daily Mail reader thinks that Trident can be useful when dealing with car-bombers. I spotted this comment under the article: ‘New York bomb investigators hunt for balding, middle-aged white man‘:


So there you have it, a white, balding and middle-aged man leaves a homemade bomb in a car in New York which fails to go off and Robert McKenna believes this is a reason not to scrap Trident. I’ve seen some pretty dumb arguments wheeled out in defence of Trident, but this really is the most stupid. How would Trident have helped in this situation? Unless he is suggesting a tactical nuclear strike aimed at Times Square would have helped?

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