AOL in huge Fail

The News Grind is a satirical news site along the lines of the Daily Mash. Today they published a spoof story on the Moat situation:

Live camera crews have been deployed in the hope they will capture the best footage of Moat being riddled with bullets in a shoot-out.

“Talk about great, cheap telly,” said news broadcast analyst David Spacey. “For the cost of creating ten seconds of a single episode of The Pacific Sky will have 72 hours of live broadcasting on 12 channels, with a potentially explosive climax. And it’s all in HD.

“The nation can’t wait to see what will happen.”

The potential bloodbath has certainly caught the imagination of ordinary people.

“I can scarcely wait for the climax,” confirmed Elsie White, 77, as she raced back to her house after picking up some toffees and copies of today’s paper from a local newsagent featuring the blood-soaked face of a police officer allegedly shot by Moat.

“We haven’t had a live event like this to enjoy for quite some time and there’s only old Doctors episodes on at this time of day.”

Just about as clear as satire comes, right? Unless you work for AOL that is:

AOL Fail
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The article goes on to quote great chunks of satire from the News Grind, even pointing to the source as if it were a valid and serious news source, they even quoted the following without question:

Families have been collecting children from schools and nurseries throughout the day so they could watch together, as expectations reached fever pitch that a violent firearms confrontation was imminent. Over 800 schools have closed across the country as a result.

Just another example of why our media is a complete mess.


When AOL pull the plug you can still admire the complete FAIL here, because I screen grabbed the whole thing, just for you.

Massive hat-tip to @lostaddress who Tweeted this to me.  Also, upon investigating this I discovered that Robin Brown has already covered this, so polite link to his post here.

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