Are the Daily Mail Really Suggesting…?

Some of you might be thinking that I’m reading too much into the latest Daily Mail advert, but bear with me here. Imagine that you’re an advertising executive and you’ve been approached by the Daily Mail to produce an advert that gets people excited about a bit of quality journalism. They want some nice video images, accompanied by a lovely heartwarming soundtrack and some captions.

So far, so good.

So, first shot you want something to go with the caption: ‘Discover Daily’. OK, lots of possibilities for this one, but you – as the advertising hotshot – settle for the lovely sequence of a orange flower opening into full bloom. Not exactly original or groundbreaking, but hey, this is only the Daily Mail we’re advertising. Fair enough, I kind of get your choice here.

Next up, the caption: ‘Enrage Daily’, obviously any marketing executive might be scratching their head over this one: why would anyone want to buy a product to be enraged on a daily basis? However, we all know that people do buy the Mail for this purpose, so let’s just get on with choosing an appropriate shot. In the end you settle for a sequence of a lighthouse being battered by a huge wave – a little cliched, granted, the ‘raging’ ocean and all that, but I can see why you chose it.

Next up, a charming caption: ‘Love Daily’, perhaps a little odd following the ambition to ‘Enrage Daily’, but let’s ignore that for now. Loads of choices here, but you settle for a man walking a heart shape into the snow whilst his adoring lady-friend (it is a Daily Mail advert so I should probably make clear that they MUST BE MARRIED or something) watches on. OK, a nice sequence this, perfectly heartwarming and I totally get what you’re saying.

Next up, the caption: ‘Believe Daily’, an inspiring caption and one that could be illustrated in loads of ways. So what are you going to settle on? Oh, you’ve selected a sequence of a black man – wearing nothing but a loin cloth – bungee jumping on the end of some vines / rope. It gets worse, his ankles seem to be bound to a piece of wood and his arms seem to be bound together at the wrists by some rope. He just misses being smashed head first into the ground and then the caption fades in: ‘Believe Daily’.

Am I the only one to think that this is all a little bit messed up? Of all the sequences you could have picked to match the caption ‘Believe Daily’ you’ve gone and picked the one of a bound black man looking like your stereotypical savage nearly having his head smashed into the ground. Am I alone in thinking that the Daily Mail really don’t do subtle, or you as the advertising executive are actually taking the piss out of the Daily Mail here? I mean, I really fail to see the justification for using this sequence to match the caption ‘Believe Daily’, I just don’t see it.

You decide:



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