Best facial expression ever

Tabloid Watch has already pointed out what an utterly ridiculous attack the Daily Mail Reporter has made on Big Brother winner Sophie Reade for having ‘blubber’: ‘Sophie Reade strips to her underwear in the street but has not lost her Big Brother blubber’. Looking at the picture below and having it described as ‘blubber’ I think you can see why I really hate the way the Daily Mail portrays women:

Sophie Reade

And the Femail section of the Daily Mail wonders week after week why women are angry and depressed? If you want to read a considered dissection of the article go read the post at Tabloid Watch, because I want point out the best facial expression ever:

Best Face Ever

For those of you who didn’t spot it:

Best Face Ever

He certainly seems to be enjoying Sophie Reade’s figure, even if the Daily Mail Reporter isn’t.

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