Brendan Fraser 'more paunchier'

Today Brendan Fraser faces the wrath of the Daily Mail for putting on weight, and this time the Mail have really outdone themselves with the headline and opening lines:

Brendan Fraser

‘Who ate all the pies?’ Is this journalism? Is this type of journalism that makes Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre ‘passionately believe that Britain has the best newspapers in the world and – indeed, our papers today are as good as they’ve ever been’? The Mail website has become increasingly full of ‘stories’ based around a celebrity daring to ‘parade’ themselves in public with a belly – even if they do not have a belly. The tone is always the same, there is always a disbelieving quality to the articles that seem to find it astonishing that celebrities are shameless enough to leave the house without being perfect. As they wrote about Pierce Brosnan on the weekend:

The GoldenEye star made no effort to hide his burgeoning belly, wearing a tight white shirt that emphasised every unflattering bulge…

These days, the actor seems to be thinking more about environmental issues than his increasing weight gain.

They cannot believe that anything could be more important to a person than their weight and the same sentiment is shared in every article – as if the Mail have a standard template that they just copy and paste different celebrity names and photos in:

Fraser’s bright blue sweater did nothing to hide his paunchy belly, while his face appeared to have filled out considerably.

However, he didn’t seem too bothered by the extra pounds, looking happy and relaxed as he walked smiling through the city.

Mention of ‘unflattering’ top, check, mention that person DOES NOT EVEN SEEM BOTHERED BY IT, check, photos of said person walking down street, check. All as formulaic as it is incredibly pointless, soul-destroyingly inane ‘journalism’.

As if to emphasis the terrible journalistic standards of the Daily Mail the final caption is really rather brilliant:

More paunchier

Indeed, and the Daily Mail just gets ‘more shitter’ every day.

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