Daily Mail celebrates original WAG Eva Braun

A couple of blogs covered the Daily Mail’s decision yesterday to change the layout of its website for the terribly important news that they had found a photo of Eva Braun – the ultimate WAG, you know she was married to that Hitler chap that the Daily Mail has a curious obsession with – with a blacked-up face. Today the Daily Mail has repeated the full width format on its website because Japan has suffered a destructive earthquake and Tsunami, putting into context the kind of major you-must-know-about-this news stories that such space is normally reserved for. So it appears that the Daily Mail thinks that a photo of dead women with blacked-up face is just as important in news terms as a national natural disaster.

As usual, things get even worse when you see what they have covered with a full double-page spread in today’s print edition:

The original WAG
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Just imagine how many packets of tissues the Daily Mail office got through today. The ultimate, original WAG, a genuine NAZI pictured nude and in lovely two-piece swimming costumes. The Daily Mail should cease publishing immediately because they can never top this (unless it turns out Hitler and Eva Braun made a few home videos…).

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