Daily Mail in X-Men Fail

The Daily Mail – always quick with a movie exclusive if it involves a semi-naked celebrity – has some NEW shots of James McAvoy in his lead role in the new X-Men movie:

British actor James McAvoy has landed another Hollywood action franchise with the lead role in the latest X-Men film – and he has a tough new image to match.

The 31-year-old Scot, who rose to fame in UK TV’s Shameless, will play a young version of the Marvel superhero team’s iconic leader Professor X in a prequel to the blockbuster trilogy.

A new still from the film shows the actor in peak condition, with his tanned torso looking incredibly toned and taught.

Firstly, love the Daily Mail Reporter’s mistaken use of ‘taught’ instead of ‘taut’, secondly, here is the picture:

James McAvoy
James McAvoy's 'new' toned body

Even better the caption underneath the picture states: ‘Fighting fit: James McAvoy as a young version superhero Professor X in the upcoming X-Men: First Class’.

Except it isn’t. The photo is of James McAvoy, but isn’t from the new X-Men film. It is, in fact, from the 2008 film ‘Wanted‘.

And to think this useless newspaper spent weeks telling over 2 million people how to vote in the general election…

Thanks to @soddie_d who informed me of this sizeable Daily Mail fail.

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