Daily Mail nicking photos, again

This time from blogger IanVisits:

The blog post in question is the one the other day about the anniversary of the Cock Lane ghost…

I trawled through my own collection of vintage newspapers and engravings to see if I could add much more to the story – but ended up with a summary of the facts. I did however visit Cock Lane to take a photo of it as it is today, and got copies of a couple of contemporary newspaper reports.

You can imagine my surprise then when one of the newspaper scans, and my photo of Cock Lane appeared in the Daily Mail.

Published yesterday by a “Daily Mail Reporter“, then rewritten, rather better to be honest, a few hours later by Nick Enoch – both articles used my photos, without permission, payment or acknowledging my copyright.

The blogger has emailed the Daily Mail and is awaiting response. However, they do know who he is and they really should have paid him given that:

the photo editor has been in touch in the past to ask about using my photos, and they have on record how much I charge for that.

I’ll watch and wait to see if the Daily Mail do respond. Online content theft is certainly becoming quite a serious issue with certain newspapers and it is perhaps something that the Leveson inquiry should also be looking into.

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