Daily Mail show you the meaning of 'bare-faced hypocrisy'

I often ask myself why I bother writing this blog. Every now and again the futility of it all strikes me and I just can’t think of any reason to keep plugging away at the Daily Mail for the horrific and dishonest worldview that it feeds its readers. Today for example Suzanne Moore has written a really intelligent, coherent and well-argued piece on the BNP and Jan Moir and her only reward is to be told by Mail readers that she is writing ‘liberal clap-trap’. How is anyone supposed to get through to some Daily Mail readers when the very thought of not judging your fellow human beings by their race or sexuality is dismissed as ‘liberal clap-trap’ and worse?

The Daily Mail has been a constant attacker of the BBC in recent years and Paul Dacre views the BBC in almost exactly the same way as Nick Griffin – as some kind of ultra-left propaganda machine destroying the truth and over-running the main-stream media with its many tentacles of social media. If you wanted to compare Paul Dacre and Nick Griffin you’d actually find a lot of common ground: the rabid hatred of the BBC based on their own right-wing worldview (when you’re as right-wing as Dacre and Griffin of course the relatively neutral BBC are going to seem ‘ultra-leftist’); the profession of traditional family and cultural values by both is also mirrored by how both entirely fail to uphold such values – Dacre for his paper’s homophobia, misogyny and overtly sexual content (in a ‘family values’ newspaper) and Griffin for his Nazi ideals which are the completely at odds with the ‘throwback to 1950s Britain’ that he wants and not to mention both of their concerted campaigns of hate and lies against immigrants.

In light of Dacre’s hatred of the BBC the BBC was never going to be able to avoid criticism over the Griffin Question Time appearance whatever action it took. If the BBC had not let Griffin appear then the Daily Mail would accuse the BBC of being inherently left-wing and making a political choice to exclude the far-right. The Daily Mail would then no doubt have played the angle that the BBC was unwilling to tackle the issue of immigration because it isn’t politically neutral. In the end the BBC let Griffin appear and make a fool of himself. Many people have concluded that Griffin was set-up by a biased audience, but I fail to see the validity of this argument. Yes, Griffin picked up 1 million votes, but there are around 45 million people of voting age in the UK meaning that the BNP has roughly the support of only 1 in 45 people. Throughout the program I clearly heard spatterings of applause for Griffin when he was given the opportunity to say something, and this applause was about right considering his share of the national vote.

One of the most important reassurances to come from Question Time was just how liberal and progressive we are as a society; the BNP really are a minority and they really do not represent what it means to be British. Likewise, the Daily Mail must be acutely aware that they are also out of line with the majority of British opinion. The BBC is not ultra-left or politically biased, it is simply a media broadcaster funded by a public that is overwhelmingly tolerant, respectful and decent. As the Enemies of Reason points out the tabloid press are being extremely hypocritical in daring to criticise the BNP when their rhetoric are so similar. The Daily Mail can sling mud towards migrants (and the BBC’s supposed viewpoint on the topic of immigration) all it likes for causing the rise of the BNP, but Dacre is intelligent enough to realise that the Daily Mail’s skewering the population figures and facts about migration and immigration and constant publication of the very lies that the BNP link to on their website and use as justification for their views will eventually be clearly exposed to its readership.

The Daily Mail’s attacks on the BNP and the BBC have been utterly outrageous considering the position it has taken over the years on the very issues it is commenting on. The Daily Mail is a racist and homophobic newspaper, employing racist and homophobic writers that it does not even censure after record complaints. The Daily Mail has spawned numerous websites committed to exposing its lies on immigration amongst other topics and the online archives of these websites provide a rich catalogue of just how dishonest the Daily Mail is in its reporting of ‘news’ and ‘facts’.

Friday’s Mail Comment on ‘the bare-faced BBC’ would be deeply funny if it wasn’t entirely serious. It starts with the line ‘Talk about bare-faced hypocrisy’ which sums up the Daily Mail in one succinct line, just a shame that the Mail is actually talking about the BBC:

Amidst the furore over the BBC’s decision to invite Nick Griffin on to Question Time, its director general, Mark Thompson, claims that he had no choice because of the Corporation’s ‘central principle of political impartiality’.

What a pity that the BBC for years has comprehensively trampled this so-called ‘central principle’ into the dirt.

This is an organisation that’s utterly in thrall to the left-wing agenda of the majority of its staff.

Until very recently, the BBC systematically censored any debate about immigration into Britain, a nation which, as was revealed yesterday, is on its way to a population of 70million.

Like Littlejohn the Comment section borrows lies from the newspaper to support its dishonest worldview. The ’70million’ population figure caused by immigrants argument is a complete lie and has been exposed many times before by bloggers (see Enemies of Reason and 5CC), so in a comment criticising the BBC for putting the odious BNP on prime-time TV the Daily Mail is repeating a tabloid lie of their making about immigration that the BNP will be certain to use in future campaigns – and they have the cheek to use the phrase ‘bare-faced hypocrisy’ about the BBC at the start of the article.

One day people with realise that the ‘real, honest debate’ on immigration that is constantly being called for by the right-wing will actually take place and then they’ll realise that immigration was never the issue causing all the problems that the UK is said to be suffering from, it was merely a smokescreen to hide those really responsible for the world being a pretty unfair place. People are looking for a scapegoat to blame for the recession, for the fact they might be unemployed or for whatever reason they want and the Daily Mail (as well as the other tabloids) are happy to serve up immigrants as the group responsible.

As for the rest of the Mail Comment, I think you’ll find it is exactly the sort of bollocks that Nick Griffin would spout – showing once again that Griffin and Dacre really are two cheeks of the same arse:

[the BBC] also treats global warming with the fervour of a religion, and is so pro-Brussels that even a report commissioned by the BBC itself found that it was hopelessly biased against the Eurosceptic position.

It’s an institution that by its very nature promotes alternative lifestyles and minority groups at the expense of traditional values, and it doesn’t have much time for Christianity, capitalism, or the countryside either.

The Daily Mail: showing you what ‘bare-faced hypocrisy’ really looks like. As for getting through to Daily Mail readers, I don’t think I have to. What Thursday night made clear is that they’re a dying breed being replaced by a more tolerant, respectful and accepting society – one that will not buy or read hateful rags like the Daily Mail. If, for one, will certainly raise a glass the day the Daily Mail is forced to stop printing and i’m sure that day will come.

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