Daily Mail still lying about asylum seekers and social housing

In July 2009 the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released a report on social housing in which they correct the misconception that asylum seekers or immigrants somehow are top of the housing queue. The BBC reported:

There is no evidence that new arrivals in the UK are able to jump council housing queues, an Equality and Human Rights Commission report says. Once they settle and are entitled to help, it adds, the same proportion live in social housing as UK-born residents…

“It is largely a problem of perception,” he [Housing minister John Healey] told Today.

“The report shows there is a belief, a wrong belief, that there is a bias in the system.”

I posted a blog article on this at the time because just about every tabloid and media outlet reported the findings, except the Daily Mail who went with:

The article failed to make any reference to the fact that immigrants / asylum seekers do not ‘jump the housing queue’ or get any favourable treatment whatsoever. Fast forward to today and the Daily Mail are still pushing this false media narrative: ‘Asylum seekers last in the housing queue: Britain’s biggest council decides to put its locals first‘. The article gets exactly the response it wants from its readers, just look at the current best-rated comments:

Daily Mail readers hate immigrants

This is a myth that the Daily Mail just will not let die.

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