Daily Mail still stealing online content

So, yesterday the Daily Mail shuts down istyosty.com for copyright infringement whilst claiming that they were entitled to recover all of the – in the words of the lawyers representing Associated Newspapers – ‘ill-gotten profits’ made by istyosty.com as a result of caching Mail Online articles.

As usual, the Daily Mail is being deeply hypocritical and relying – once more – on simply bullying the opposition with expensive lawyers because the Daily Mail have a deserved reputation for stealing online content without any attempt at payment or attribution. You see, the Daily Mail can always find money for expensive lawyers, but they cannot find money to pay others for the use of their content; in the same way that they can moan that istyosty.com have stolen precious web hits yet when they steal stories from websites they don’t even have the courtesy to provide a weblink. The Mail is happy to apply the dark arts to steal online content, but is not prepared to engage in any form of standard web etiquette.

A brilliant example was pointed out in the comments on this blog last night because the Daily Mail got into touch with a blogger who had taken a photo of a fashion store with a mannequin with should-probably-be-dead thin legs and pointed out that this was another example of the unrealistic body image being sold to women. The Daily Mail asked if they could use the photos, the blogger said yes, but only if the Daily Mail would pay £250 to a charity of the blogger’s choice. The Daily Mail claimed that they could not afford to pay that kind of fee and when the blogger responded that in that case they could not use the image the Mail replied to acknowledge that fact.

The Mail Online then went ahead and lifted the story and pictures anyway, and even had the cheek to make it look as if the blogger had given the story and their thoughts to the Mail (kind of a Hari moment). I can only hope that the blogger pursues the Mail for payment or copyright infringement with as much vigour as the Mail does. I can recommend you have a read through the comments on that blog as well because people are linking to many other examples of the Mail blatantly and unapologetically stealing online content.

This was brought to my attention and covered by onlythatinyou, visit their blog for more.

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