Depressingly predictable

What a thoroughly predictable and depressing front page from the Daily Mail this morning. Some people I know don’t seem to understand my hatred of this newspaper, but that is because they base their worldview on what they read in tabloid newspapers and therefore can’t see anything wrong with attacking the ‘immigrant invasion’. The response to such a headline is anger at how we’re about to be swamped, again, when we’re already full up with immigrants as it is. Of course, this isn’t the case and a few thousand fellow human beings living a pitiful life in Calais would hardly destroy the UK even if they were welcomed with open arms. If I could send a message to those immigrants it would be an apology for the total lack of humanity that infects the influential media in the UK, and the animal rage spewed forth by a substantial amount of people who are ignorant and think that the only option they have left is to vote UKIP or BNP because the people organising those parties are just as warped and stupid as they are.

The Daily Mail is a sickening shit rag that just wants to make your life miserable. Daily Mail readers are outraged by so many things that they have no direct experience of, yet they’re somehow convinced that because they have read about such things in the Daily Mail that they must be real. As 5cc pointed out recently, there is a very real consequence to the output of tabloid journalism: the rise of the far right. On the day that the Daily Mail leads with an utterly false story – that all of the immigrants in France being kicked out of the ‘jungle’ would shortly be arriving in the UK – their highest paid columnist is writing yet another column of completely made-up outrage. Littlejohn, a man about as qualified as a sperm is to hand out lectures on life experience – attacks a highly-qualified economist in Vince Cable and admits that even though: ‘We weren’t party to the conversation, so we can’t be sure what was said.’ he’s certain that hoteliers Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, from Liverpool, are not guilty of hate crime.

Quality journalism, all in a day’s work for the Daily Mail.

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