Eating disorders

This article: ‘Shocking figures reveal one in three hospital admissions for eating disorders are children’ is currently buried at the bottom of the Mail website. To the right of it are the normal too fat / too thin / too old / too ugly stories that form the staple diet of the Mail website. Needless to say the Daily Mail misses out on a chance to reflect on the media’s impact on these ‘shocking figures’ (a phrase the Mail normally reserves to describe a group of women not conforming to their strict body expectations).

They report that the survey found that more than half blamed their condition on family traumas, whilst 3% said they were influenced by ‘size zero models and skinny pop stars’. The missing percentages are not mentioned.

Just over a week ago the Daily Mail put this picture onto their website:

They accompanied it with accusations that the dress Katy Perry was wearing was  ‘clinging in all the wrong places’ and included the words ‘girth’ and ‘protruding belly’.

Thankfully a commenter underneath the Mail article has posted this under today’s article:

Eating Disorders

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