Facebook cannot commit crime

Primly Stable blogged earlier about how MailOnline editor Martin Clarke mentioned in a recent speech that 10 per cent of Mail Online’s ‘UK traffic now comes in via Facebook, making it the biggest source of traffic for the site after Google’. I have covered why the Daily Mail likes to criticise Facebook to generate extra hits before but I guess the EDL Facebook pages drive a far amount of traffic to the Mail website as well. Anyway, on the day that Primly Stable blogs the huge amount of traffic the Mail gets from Facebook it goes and prints this: ‘Facebook crimes have soared 7,400 per cent in just three years, police force reveals‘. The article lists the social ill that the website is responsible for:

Facebook was opened to the public in September 2006 after only being accessible to university students for its first two years.

Perverts have used the site to groom victims while criminals have used it to make threats, intimidate, bully and harass.

Campaign groups claim sex offenders use websites such as Facebook and conceal their identity to snare children and women.

The popular website has this year been linked to 255 domestic violence incidents in the county, 426 reports of malicious nuisance and 210 of anti-social behaviour.

Basically, the whole article could be sensibly summed-up as: ‘Facebook reflects society’. Crime happens. Crime happened before Facebook, will happen with Facebook and will continue happening without Facebook. The whole article is just silly. It would be like constantly pointing out that criminals use cars. Imagine the Daily Mail reporting that: ‘Crimes linked to cars increased by 1,00,000% since 1930’. Stories like:

A wife was battered by her ex-husband the other day. The husband was thought to HAVE DRIVEN A CAR TO HER HOUSE to commit the savage crime. It is just the latest example of cars being linked to domestic abuse. Cars have also been linked to untold bank robberies, fraud (some bankers are said to have committed fraud WHILST IN THE BACK SEAT OF A MOVING CAR) and every other criminal act that has involved getting from one place to another in one. Perverts and paedophiles have used cars to transport victims – POSSIBLY YOUR CHILD – to their homes. A police spokesman said: ‘we are seeing an increasing amount of crime that has been committed thanks to cars. I think the main reason is that everyone drives one, so you’re bound to have criminals in some of them’.

Facebook is a social networking site, it is not capable of committing a crime. That is the sole responsibility of the user, perhaps someone should sit down and slowly explain this fact to all of the Daily Mail hacks.

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