Finally, proof that Richard Littlejohn cannot use the Internet

From his column today:

This is probably the first occasion a crossbow has been used in a robbery in this country since the Middle Ages. Even Robin Hood and his Merry Men, one of our earliest organised gangs, favoured the more-chivalrous longbow.

I searched the internet for the number of crimes in Britain committed with a crossbow, but apart from the recent ‘Cannibal’ case I drew a blank.

I searched for around 3 minutes and found two stories, one from 2008 when a man in Leeds was shot in the stomach with one (attempted murder) and the other from Northern Ireland in 2006 reporting that sectarian gangs had wielded them. I don’t get paid to research stuff, I am not – like Richard – being paid around £1m a year to write a column. Yet I have found out in a couple of minutes that he must have drawn a blank because a, he never actually did a search and he is just lying or b, he just isn’t very adept at finding things out. Surely being paid such a huge salary he could have at least spent a couple of hours looking into things properly?

Still, this is the man who keeps referring to the government cuts as ‘so called “cuts”‘, so it is not as if he gives a damn about accuracy.

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