First Broken Britain, Now Broken Blobby

I’m sure Daily Mail readers all over the country are again asking: ‘Is nothing sacred in this once-Great Britain’ as today they’ve been subjected to the harrowing, tragic dilapidation and destruction – at the hands of ‘ravers’ no less – of Noel Edmonds’ ‘Blobbyland’. The article – complete with 10 heart-wrenching photos – tries to imply that 10 years of total abandonment isn’t at fault for the overgrown trees, shrubs and general grubbiness of the place, but is actually the fault of ‘ravers’.

Naturally, the only evidence of ‘ravers’ is the fact that some furniture and stuff is broken and that the bed appears to be unmade, hardly conclusive. However, the whole article is a strangely mournful reminiscence of something unimaginably trashy and unfunny – this makes about as much sense as people getting misty-eyed about a stack of Richard Littlejohn articles rotting in a damp woodland. Blobby was hardly a national icon, and Blobbyland was never going to be a site of national importance to be protected and maintained by the National Trust.

Daily Mail readers seem torn between comments like:


Which seems to argue that before Gordon Brown took charge abandoned buildings didn’t decay and leaves didn’t fall off of trees and comments like this:


Which kind of marvel at the utter pointlessness of the whole article. It is interesting to note that Richard’s criticism could be equally compelling and accurate if you replaced ‘Blobby’ with ‘Littlejohn’.

The article also includes some quotations from a ‘Mr Blobby fan, Chris Bryant, 25’ who laments that:

‘I remember it being really good fun. It was amazing wandering round Mr Blobby’s house, and it’s a shame it’s now been completely wrecked.

‘The ravers should have more respect for Mr Blobby. He was a hero to a lot of kids and the thought of them taking drugs and having all-night raves in his house is completely disrespectful.’

As a commenter points out:


Others point out that perhaps it is Chris Bryant who is the only ‘raver’ here and much more besides. Of course though, no Daily Mail comments section would be complete without a dig about Gordon Brown:

I hope you die

Mr Blobby would have been proud of a punchline as predictable and painfully unfunny as that. I’ll leave it to another reader to sum up the Daily Mail and this story:

Summing Up

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