Georgina Littlejohn is worse than Richard Littlejohn

If you’ve read anything by Richard Littlejohn you’ve probably asked yourself: ‘Can writing get any worse than this?’. It can, much worse. Imagine, for example, that Richard Littlejohn had managed to get a woman into bed and actually have sexual relations with that woman – I know, it is a foul image but bear with me. Imagine if that woman then gave birth to a child who grew up and started to write for the Daily Mail. Scary, and, as it turns out: true.

Tabloid Watch has already covered one of Georgina Littlejohn’s utterly pointless traffic generating stories, but shamefully I have missed this absolute gem posted on the Mail website on the 4th January: ‘Gerard Butler packs some paunch on his Barbados holiday as his Spartan muscles become a distant memory‘.

Essentially it is just your typical Daily Mail story: person gets slightly bigger than they were, ugh, how disgusting they must get down the gym:

Only three years ago he was the hunky Spartan whose rippling torso caused an excitable frenzy among millions of women.

But Gerard Butler appears to have succumbed to the calorific excesses of the Christmas period and alarmingly piled on the pounds.

However, it is much worse than that, for although the article makes no mention of this, it is clearly stated underneath a picture that: ‘Gone to pot belly: Long gone is the taut – admittedly computer enhanced six-pack – instead the actor’s once fit physique has softened considerably’ (emphasis is mine).

So, Georgina Littlejohn has made an entire article out of someone appearing less toned than they did when they were digitally enhanced in a Hollywood film. And you really thought Richard Littlejohn could drag out bullshit for a paycheque like a true pro.

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