Hayley From Manchester Incurs Wrath of Chile

Every now and again a comment on the Mail website manages to stand out amongst the unpleasantness to be mind-numbingly inhumane, step forward Hayley from Manchester on the news that Chile has suffered an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude:

Another country that’s going to be begging for our money and resources? Fantastic.
– Hayley, Manchester, 27/2/2010 09:12

And after she attracted a series of red arrows and angry responses from Chileans she responded with:

For all of you you red arrowing me, I am not going to apologise and stand by what I said. Why should we help countries that have done nothing for us. Their problem, let them sort it out.

– Hayley, Manchester, 27/2/2010 13:15

Makes you proud to be British.

Hat-tip to Tom_MKUK from the Mailwatch forums for spotting this.

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