Health and Safety, Again

Another photo for Daily Mail Sadface as ‘Father told he cannot swim with more than one child over health and safety fears‘:

A father-of-two was left stunned after he was told he wasn’t allowed to take his two children swimming in a local pool – because of health and safety rules.

Dave Large was turned away from the swimming baths because of a ban on parents taking more than one young child in at a time.

He has accused the management of Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre of discriminating against single parents who want to teach their children to swim.

Dave Large was stunned because the swimming pool has banned a parent from trying to look after two young children who cannot swim in a busy swimming pool. Truly, as Dave Large comments, ‘It’s health and safety gone mad’. Just in time for Littlejohn’s column tomorrow as well. No prizes for guessing the kind of comment on this article that has earned the most red arrows:

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A no doubt frustrated spokesman for Coventry Sports Trust made it clear that:

‘We have these procedures in place to protect customers and to help prevent accidents happening.

‘The sheer volume of swimmers alone is enough to justify this course of action.

‘We appreciate that this may cause inconvenience for some customers but the majority are happy to accept the policy.’

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