'Health and safety gone raving mad'

Another day, another attack on health and safety: ‘Postbox sealed up over health and safety fears for postmen bending to collect letters‘. ‘Fears’ is used to make it seem as if this is just another over-reaction to a problem that doesn’t really exist – as local councillor Chris Knight confirms by branding the decision ‘health and safety gone raving mad.’ Councillor Knight is somewhat of a tough guy though:

‘I’ve been a sheet metal worker and engineer for years, humping great sheets of metal around and these guys are taking letters out of a box. This is utterly stupid.

‘It has been there for so long why would you suddenly need to change it for health and safety reasons?’

But he could have have saved himself the trouble of being outraged and asking the above question had he listened to the reasoning behind the decision:

Three postmen are said to have injured their backs, with one of sick with a bad back for four months…

One worker at the post office said at least three postal workers had injured their backs stooping to pick up the three sacks-worth of mail from the post box, which is about 2ft lower than normal post boxes.

‘Lots of postmen complain about this letter box as it is so low,’ said the worker.

‘You really have to bend down or kneel to get to the mail and this puts pressure on your back.

‘One of the postmen took four months off sick after hurting his back constantly picking up the mail from this letter box.’

So, the Post Office has made a decision that aims to cut down on significant injuries that have already occurred, costing the company a lot of money and this is referred to by the Daily Mail merely as a decision taken over ‘fears’ and by Councillor Knight as ‘health and safety gone raving mad’.

Perhaps I’m missing something.

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