How big is Roundhay Park in Leeds?

The Daily Mail has covered [ link] the recent Red Bull Flugtag 2011 event in Leeds – you know the one where people invent comic flying machines and fall from a large platform into water. This time it was held in Roundhay Park in Leeds, or more precisely in the lakes there. I’ve never seen Roundhay Park and I have no idea how big the lake is, so I thought I would take a peak on Google Earth*:

Roundhay Park

Google Earth labels the lake ‘Fishpond’ and it doesn’t look massive, which makes perfect sense when you look at the official photos from the Red Bull website, they clearly show that it’s a small contained pond / lake.

The Daily Mail article also shows similar photos from the event, which it also places in Roundhay Park, Leeds:

The team dubbed James And The Giant Yorkshire Pudding were taking part in the annual Red Bull Flugtag festival, with the madness descending on the city’s Roundhay Park…

Over 15,000 spectators braved the weekend’s showers and were rewarded with laughs galore, with very few of the 34 ‘aircrafts’ managing to soar high above the waters for long.

But then, in amongst the many pictures, there seems to be something strange going on:

That’s a different platform isn’t it (wood rather than steel edge) and are those palm trees really around the Fishpond in Roundhay and doesn’t the water look another colour? Next:

That is a big boat to drive overland and crane into a fish pond.

What on earth possessed the Daily Mail to litter an article about an event in Leeds with photos clearly taken from a different event in another country – when it is painfully obvious to anyone flicking through the article what they have done. It says something about the state of journalism at the Mail that they cannot resist misleading readers and distorting reality even in harmless fluff pieces.

* image now updated thanks to those people in the comments for correcting me. It turns out I cannot zoom in very well on Google Earth and zoomed into the wrong lake / pond.

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