How to lose an argument, by Peter Hitchens

Yesterday Peter Hitchens confessed that he was ‘wrong on cigarettes but believe me, I’m right on cannabis’ before then demonstrating that when it comes to the dangers of passive smoking he is utterly clueless. Hitchens’ claims that:

No, I never believed the stories about second-hand smoke, and still don’t.

Cigarettes stink and spoil the atmosphere, and anyone who smokes them near others who are eating is inconsiderate and rude. But I think the evidence that they give cancer to anyone apart from the people actually smoking them is very thin indeed.

When even a cursory glance at Wikipedia provides so much evidence (and provides so many references to reputable sources) that I am not even going to attempt to condense it here, you know that there really is no point in trusting Hitchens’ views about Cannabis. It’s almost amusing how Hitchens will cling to the flimsiest anecdotal evidence when it suits his agenda, but will dismiss masses of empirical evidence as ‘very thin’ when it suits him.

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