Ignoring the evidence on immigration, part 2

A while back I wrote about the destitute Gurkhas who moved to the UK expecting help and support but actually found out that they were not entitled to benefits, housing and so forth. I argued that as the story was in the Daily Mail it should demonstrate to Mail readers that the idea that immigrants get force-fed money, gifted free cars and a lovely 6 bedroom house is a complete myth. If even Gurkhas don’t get anything, then what are the chances of unpopular migrants getting more than them? However, Mail readers of course just whinged on in the comments about how unfair that other immigrants and asylum seekers got all this free stuff and the Gurkhas didn’t.

Without any suggestion that they even considered the possibility that they had swallowed a tabloid myth whole, and that Gurkhas were just receiving exactly the same benefits and other migrants receive when they enter the UK: bugger all.

Today the Daily Mail has printed another story about people coming to the UK and not receiving benefits, only this time it is a returning British citizen:

A British grandmother who returned home destitute after living in Spain for 23 years has complained after being barred from claiming benefits.

Lorraine Marsland, 52, says officials are classing her alongside asylum seekers even though she was born here and holds a British passport.

Since arriving in Britain in January with her grandson Dylan, she has been denied housing benefit, child benefit, and Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Naturally, rather than see this as yet further evidence that Britain is not a soft touch when it comes to dishing out benefits, Mail readers see it as yet further evidence that is she only was a proper asylum seeker she’d be getting it all:

But if she was Eastern European or any other EU national apart from British, she would be getting benefits.

– Karen, London, 23/4/2010 16:35 Click to rate Rating 2257

She should have said she came from Timbuctoo and didn’t speak any English, they would have been falling over backwards to help her.

– Pat Sweeney, Lanark, Scotland, 23/4/2010 16:35 Click to rate Rating 2159

Those are currently the two highest rated comments, but all is not lost as other highly-rated comments include:

You haven’t lived here for twenty three years so why should we the tax payers have to support you?

– M.A., B’ham, England, 23/4/2010 16:37 Click to rate Rating 1793

‘I looked up the law they quoted and it included asylum seekers. I was just stunned. I’m a British citizen, I’ve got a British passport, I’ve paid taxes.

So, you moved from the UK to Spain and have lived there for most of your life. All was well until you lost your job and money. Then you decided to come back to the UK and let the taxpayers pay for the rent on your council/housing association home, council tax, and benefits on top. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE AN ASYLUM SEEKER, YOU HAVENT PAID ANYTHING INTO THE SYSTEM OVER HERE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN SPAIN!

– Rudi Mentry, Right here – Right now!!, 23/4/2010 16:34 Click to rate Rating 1544

And even more encouraging is the comment with the highest negative rating:

I find this story absolutely unbelievable! This woman holds a British passport and is british born and bred.

Lorraine…My advise to you is to claim asylum and they will give you anything you want….Home, car, furniture and money, just like they do with all the other asylum seekers that land in the UK. If you can’t beat them then join them!

I wish you the best of British!

– Trish, Sydney, Australia, 23/4/2010 16:16 Click to rate Rating 88

This is interesting because of course this is exactly what the Daily Mail is implying with this article; they spend a huge amount of their time feeding the myth that all asylum seekers and immigrants are getting everything they desire, but look who isn’t: British People. It’s all the fault of the PC-Brigade and the human rights brigade that only guarantee the rights of filthy foreigners and is set up to ATTACK DECENT TAXPAYING WHITE PEOPLE.

Yet here, the person swallowing this giant turd whole is negatively rated. I take just a smidgen of hope from that. Perhaps the constant attacks on the Liberal Democrats have made people sit up and take notice of the fact that the Daily Mail has an agenda and will print any old rubbish to push that agenda.

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