It's always the Muslims, even when it clearly isn't

Another story in immigration in the Daily Mail today claiming that Britain is attracting more immigrants than other European countries: ‘How Britain attracts more migrants than France AND Germany‘. In the article the Daily Mail points out that:

Germany, which no longer accepts unskilled migrants and which declined to accept Eastern European workers when Poland and other countries joined the EU, had negative net migration.

The Daily Mail knows that the vast majority of immigrants in the UK are from within the EU and that the population of Poles has leaped dramatically. They also acknowledge that Germany has negative net migration largely because it has not accepted ‘Eastern European workers’. So, naturally the illustrate the story with two women in Burkas:

Along with the caption:

Tough stance: Earlier this week, ministers promised to tighten every aspect of immigration into Britain from outside the EU as net migration figures continue to soar

A caption which fails to acknowledge that migration from outside the EU is not responsible for ‘soaring’ figures and will not be helped by further tightening of already draconian measures for those wanting to come to the UK from outside the EU. As people point out in the comments, why show a misleading picture of women in Burkas?

Not at all relevant

I also have to question what possible reason is there for those asking this question to be voted down? It’s a good example at why the right can never have a serious discussion about immigration, because they cannot resist bringing race into it, even when it is clearly completely misleading and irrelevant.

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