James Slack: Please Kill Yourself

After spending as long as I have browsing the Daily Mail website you’d think I couldn’t see much that surprises me anymore, but sadly I’m still shocked by some of the sheer hypocrisy of Mail readers. Take the latest James ‘I-stir-up-hatred-of-immigrants-for-a-living’ Slack ‘article’ on immigrants for example: ‘Immigrants who jeer at British troops in the street to be barred from gaining citizenship‘. It’s a classic piece of slack journalism: blame overpopulation on immigrants, claim that immigrants are swamping the UK, claim that we have no border controls and put a picture of Muslims protesting against British troops to make sure the readers know damn well just what a bunch of British-haters all immigrants are. This also makes a BNP point, as for all we know the Muslims in the photo were born in the UK and may even be second or third generation British citizens, what James Slack wants to make clear is that all brown-skinned people are immigrants and should be thrown out.

All pretty standard fare, but the comments elevate the article to a new level:

It will never happen!:It is just more spin, bluster and downright lies from our dying Government. They want to try to con the people that they will do all the things they have spent 12 years ignoring or doing the total opposite. They are more delusional than I thought if they really believe that anybody believes a word they say any more!- Duncan Walker, Thailand, 3/8/2009 0:49

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How about starting with the language and OUR customs first!!!!- Trevor, Perth, 3/8/2009 0:42

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Finally a step in the right direction.- Fliss, Melbourne, Australia, 3/8/2009 0:21

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Yes, you’re not imagining things, those anti-immigrant comments – the first three comments underneath the article – are written by immigrants, two living in Australia and one in Thailand. Assuming that they are posting such comments on British immigration figures because they are British, they’re all actually immigrants. Yet they hate immigrants and whinge about them. Can they not connect the dots? There are a couple more:

At last, some common sense in the UK ! stop giving so much money to the hand out brigade and get rid of nu labour and I might consider coming back !- Gary, Brisbane (ex pat), 2/8/2009 23:45

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Passing a spoken English test would be a good idea! The last time I arrived tr Heathrow I couldnt understand one word of what the Asian official was telling me!

– David, Adelaide Australia, 2/8/2009 23:08
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I feel sorry for Australia, it has a massive influx of immigrants from the UK and judging from the constant ignorant and brainless whinging by British immigrants living there quite a few of them are utter twats.
Those of you who took the practice citizenship test recently will be well aware of how difficult and utterly pointless it is. However, due to the mass hysteria and ignorance over the issue of immigration the tests are now increasing and the process is even more laborious and expensive for people seeking – perfectly legally and reasonably – to live in the UK.

James Slack ends the article with the kind of line that makes me really hate him and the shitty newspaper he writes for. I’d love to meet James Slack and try to convey to him what an utter piece of shit he is. I’d like to explain to him that the only way he could save his soul would be to kill himself. He has sold his soul to write articles that whip up hatred for foreigners. He must be part of the staple diet of BNP members. Are you proud James? Do you have a family? Do they know what an utter fucking scumbag you are? Are your parents proud that their son has grown up to be a racist shit-kicker for a living?

You may feel this is a little harsh so I’m in the process of scouring the blogosphere for posts on James Slack and his lies against immigrants, evidence of why he should do the decent thing and kill himself. However, this will take some time, for now, I give you the last line of his article as evidence:

The existing multiple-choice Life in the UK test, which will remain, concentrates on questions such as how to contact the emergency services and claim benefits.

Yes James, it isn’t really a test at all is it? It’s just a government scheme to ensure all immigrants will be claiming the maximum amount of benefits.

Please James, for the sake of all that is good in the world, kill yourself.

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