Jan Moir, Not Nice, But Very Dim

I think it’s worth quoting Jan Moir’s piece on Tim Loughton today in full, because when you try to skewer somebody as being a bit dim you really should ensure that you’re not:

Tory MP Tim Loughton. Just look at him.

Tim Nice but Dim. Has a clever or coherent thought ever walked across that unlined, pampered brow? Doubtful.

And unluckily for Conservative prospects in the forthcoming election, the shadow children’s spokesman has turned his attention to teenage mothers.

‘It is against the law to get pregnant at 14. How many kids get prosecuted for having under-age sex? Virtually none,’ he thundered this week, raising the prospect of criminalising teenage mothers.

Oh yes, that will really help.

Everyone knows that there is a worrying rise in teenage pregnancies among very young girls.

But flinging them in jail is hardly a solution. Make that Tim Not So Nice but Still Dim.

Dear me. It makes one tremble at the thought of this Tory lot ever gaining power.

Obviously, if a device existed to measure irony it would be off the scale having Jan Moir call someone not very nice, and mind-numbingly thick. This is, after all, the writer of the most complained about article in UK history, an article which was utterly wrong.

But ignoring that, it still gets worse because Jan Moir really thinks that she’s a know-it-all – which is presumably why she berates parents all the time about why their children being murdered was really their own fault. Here, she tells Tim that ‘everyone knows that there is a worrying rise in teenage pregnancies among the very young girls’. Except of course, anyone who actually looked at the latest figures for teenage pregnancy that is; figures which showed that ‘The number of girls aged 13 to 15 getting pregnant fell by 6%’ and ‘Since 2002 the number of teenage girls falling pregnant in England and Wales has been steadily falling, despite a slight rise in 2007’.

So Jan Moir, please spare us both your unpleasantness and your sheer, face-palming stupidity.

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