From the excellent Football365 Mediawatch page today:

Lazy? Part One
You may have spotted a story doing the rounds about some betting shenanigans in the Newcastle v Arsenal game that seems to have originated from a French TV station.

Several news outlets picked it up, but many pooh-poohed it. Such as The Daily Mirror’s John Cross, who Tweeted this morning:

‘Twitter fueled (sic) a story last night which I believe is false. Wonder if Tweeters who go on about lazy journalism bothered to check it first.’

Well, as it turns out, these Tweeters didn’t have to go far in order to ‘check it first’. As far as The Daily Mirror website, in fact, who report:

‘Interpol is allegedly investigating claims that Saturday’s dramatic 4-4 draw between Newcastle and Arsenal was rigged.’

Lazy indeed.

Lazy? Part Two
And speaking of Mr Cross – he was in charge of The Daily Mirror’s Chelsea v Liverpool player ratings

About John Obi Mikel he wrote: ‘Sloppy in possession, did nothing going forward and constantly gave the ball away.’

According to Opta, Mikel attempted 55 passes in his 71 minutes on the pitch – 52 of which reached their destination. That’s a pass completion rate of 95%.

So to take each of Cross’s three criticisms in order – not true, that’s not his job, and not true. Other than that, all valid stuff.

Who were you saying was lazy, old chap?

I am aware that I am also lazy for the quick copy and paste effort.

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