Littlejohn and a 'pretend university'

Bloggers have already covered the unpleasant way in which Richard Littlejohn treats a disabled protester today – and my snapshot of the print edition has been doing the rounds on Twitter all day. Needless to say Littlejohn loves this kind of attention as he sees it as his job to upset people – albeit he tries to argue that he revels in upsetting the rich and powerful, whereas in reality he only ever attacks the weak and disenfranchised because he is, like any bully, an utter coward.

I want to focus on something else, a constructive way of getting at Littlejohn and the Daily Mail for printing his offensive drivel. As usual his main column – this time of the Swedish suicide bombing – is a series of assertions that Littlejohn cannot possibly verify. The Press Complaints Commission have no interest in correcting Littlejohn even when he makes assertions that are provably false, so there is little point in complaining about Littlejohn writing:

Abdulwahab is bound to have attended a radical mosque, affiliated with some British-based bunch of maniacs connected to Alky Ada, like the outfit fronted by the ubiquitous benefits scrounger Ram Jam Choudhary.

He will definitely have been exposed to the rantings of an extremist preacher, either on the internet or, more likely, in person.

for example. Even though Richard Littlejohn cannot possibly know any of this, the PCC will defend it as opinion and not challenge it – even though saying that someone has ‘definitely been exposed to the rantings of an extremist preacher’ is not a statement of opinion.

Complaining about that would be a fruitless waste of time. However, his claim right at the start of the article, is worth challenging and might get the Mail into a bit of trouble:

Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly moved here from Sweden nine years ago to enrol at one of our pretend universities.

‘pretend university’? Perhaps Bedfordshire University would like to make a complaint via the PCC or their lawyers?

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