Littlejohn Strikes Again!

At the end of his column of bile 22nd September Richard Littlejohn included the following few lines:

Who you gonna call…?

While all the main parties now accept belatedly that there must be cuts in public spending, the message doesn’t seem to have permeated downwards.

Town Halls are still advertising an exciting array of lucrative, pointless non-jobs. Lancashire County Council, for instance, is desperately seeking a Myth Busting Project Manager on £30,000 a year, plus usual perks.

The successful applicant will be responsible for ‘researching Lancashire communities’ attitudes and responses to migrants and formulate and deliver a positive campaign to dispel negative myths and perceptions…’

After that, I lost the will to live. However did they manage without one?

When the money’s running out and it don’t look good, who you gonna call…? Mythbusters!

Now I have to admit that Lancashire County Council could probably have chosen slightly better phraseology for this job advert from a public relations point of view but then presumably, at the request of the Daily Mail, all the PR experts have been fired. Perhaps more to the point, I am suffering under the illusion that the job of newspapers is to inform their readers about what’s happening in the world and thus when faced with something like this, it is important for them to look beneath the surface and find out the truth.

Typically the Guardian has looked behind the headline and got somewhere nearer the truth of the matter. Firstly, it is a Conservative-led council that’s responsible for this and it’s a multi-agency post (including the Police and Fire Service), paid for from visa fees. In a community where leaflets have been circulated claiming that the Muslims are responsible for the drug problem, if I was a LCC tax payer, I’d want to know what my local government/police was doing about this! A mythbuster is clearly needed!

As a final irony, the Tax Payers Alliance, anxious to boost their profile, link to any media story in which they are mentioned on their website. So the Guardian story arguing that this is good use of tax payers’ money can be found on the Tax Payers Alliance website!

To return to RLJ, I wonder when we’re going to get a Littlejohn-Mythbuster. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it would be a full-time post. Speaking as a tax payer (and a higher-rate one at that…) I wonder why my government hasn’t started advertising for one yet?


It is always interesting when Richard Littlejohn – Salary over £800,000 a year for repeated the same made-up drivel twice a week – criticises the salary of others – in this case a significantly less £30,000 per year. As AFZ points out, ‘mythbusters’ only exist to counter the lies, distortions and hateful bile spouted by newspapers and we could easily employ a full time mythbuster to wade through the lies that Littlejohn swamps his readers with twice-weekly. Littlejohn this week had to apologise ‘unreservadly’ for his statement that most of the crime in the UK is conducted by ‘Eastern European gangs’, for a complete run down of how long the apology took to come forth and what a laborious process it is to get any response from the PCC or the Daily Mail read this blog post by Tabloid Watch.

With regards to The Taxpayers Alliance, wonderfully I heard on Twitter last night via Jamie Sport that one of the Directors of The Taxpayers Alliance lives in France, only spends two weeks in the UK each year and doesn’t pay tax. Now that, you really couldn’t make up.


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