Littlejohn's Unfunny rip-off

I’ll let the readers do the work for me:

This column just gets better and better. Its nearer the truth than anything else.

– bruce, london, 19/3/2010 3:55

Really? I’m going to work in a minute, and Richard’s column has inspired me to stop at Tesco on the way, where I will be able to buy some Hot Cross Buns. As for the rest, it’s all lazy reactionary rubbish with no basis in fact written by someone whose news intake seems to come exclusively from the pages of the Daily Mail. The stories are then recycled and further exaggerated in this column. It’s like a self-perpetuating cycle of bu****it!

– Barry, Oxon., 19/3/2010 9:11 Click to rate Rating (0)

So… Nursery rhymes? Altered to reflect news stories that were completely made up in the first place?? Riiiiight… Looks like the Mail gave up being a ‘newspaper’ a long time ago. Meanwhile, Littlejohn disappears even further up his own orifice of fantasy.

– Charlie, Soho, London, 19/3/2010 8:59 Click to rate Rating 1

Not very good, is it? Is this the best that Littlejohn can do?

– David, London, 19/3/2010 8:52 Click to rate Rating 5

You’ve given up haven’t you?

– Tom, Milton Keynes, 19/3/2010 8:52 Click to rate Rating 1

There once was a tired hack called Dick, Who came over in print as quite thick, He completely lacked tact, Ne’er researching a fact, Because “making it up” was his schtick

– w. Miller, Camberwick Green, 19/3/2010 8:51 Click to rate Rating 4

You know, I could have sworn I’ve seen this column before somewhere recently. And as Victor Lewis-Smith once said, “imitation is the sincerest form of being an unoriginal thieving b*****d”.

I’d say keep up the good work, but it’s neither good nor did you do any work. Still, at least in The Daily Mash you seem to be looking for decent source material to plagiarise.

– Dave Crisps, Leicester, 19/3/2010 8:11 Click to rate Rating 1

Twinkle twinkle Littlejohn How I wonder what you’re on Jumping on a bandwagon quick as a flash Ripping off a collumn from the Daily Mash

– Barry, Twickenham, 19/3/2010 7:22 Click to rate Rating 3

Richard, wow. You are so funny. Amazing. Real ‘nail on the head stuff’.

It is indeed a fact that all Somalians have six wives and live in a London mansion (I should know – I read it here).

That stuff about global warming??? Global yawning more like. LOLLZZ. I used to believe that stuff that came from all that research ya know. Boy, dont I look stupid now. I wish that you could have confirmed all that stuff to me earlier. Littlejohn has spoken? Case closed in my book.

You’re absolutely right about the NHS too. Everyone who goes into an NHS hospital dies don’t they? I heard it’s statistically more dangerous to be a patient in a NHS hospital than it is to be one of our brave boys serving on the front line in Iraq.

Wow. You’re amazing.

I relly like your chin too.

Nonses eh? String em up. Why should honest taxpayers like me fund their legal costs when we can ‘lynch’ em like you said.

Makes me tingle. You’re just so class.

I wish I could marry you babes.

– Paul Mulcahy, South Korea, 19/3/2010 6:00 Click to rate Rating 16

This article started with business as usual with the ‘so called global-warming’ Brrr…. Schtick, but quickly graduated to the amended nursery rhymes…..this is a national newspaper right?

– Bunk, Leeds, 19/3/2010 2:25 Click to rate Rating 15

If you want to read Littlejohn’s appallingly unfunny ‘rhymes’ (they don’t even try to rhyme) the go here. If you want to read something humorous, visit the Daily Mash who did the whole thing days earlier and a million times better. You get the impression that the Daily Mail are employing the wrong writers…

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