Liz Jones on motherhood

Firstly, Liz gets to grips with sexism:

Women today use sexism as a way to bully and oppress others.

She then starts to make the world revolve around herself again (it appears her trip to Somalia didn’t change her at all) by complaining:

I am fed up that I am always being accused of having no empathy with children, merely because I don’t have any.

Instead, she suggests, it is mothers who have no empathy:

Once a woman becomes a mother, she becomes insular, focused on only her own children, not those of others.

And why does a women have a child? Liz has the answer:

just out of vanity and a desire to keep [their] husband[s] and take a year off work.

It may as well be noted that this column started out as a movie review of The Help but Liz is so used to talking about herself that she utterly fails to discuss the movie and instead just writes the usual self-pitying drivel. As someone in the comments points out:

I’m unsure of what her point is… does she hate women, children or just herself?

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