Mad as hell

We should be tearing down the current system; the world is a deeply unfair place in which a rich minority rule billions of people’s lives. But the system will not be destroyed with random looting or violence – which plays perfectly into the hands of those in power, who can simply enforce more powers to control ‘us’, and can say once more that we cannot be trusted with any freedom or input into how they run the world. No, we need to get angry and stop buying the shit that they are selling, to put down our TV remotes and spend some time using our brains to work out how we can make it a better world for everyone.

We need to sit down in front of our TV sets and use them for a while, instead of letting them use us. We can start by watching the 1976 film The Network:

What the world needs are millions of activists who do the one thing the system fears the most: think. This requires us to reject the endless stream of drivel we sit through on TV, the mindless websites we visit for inane stories about celebrities or the endless pursuit of more consumerist shit that we are led to believe is the answer to all of our problems.

We need to get mad as hell, but not like this.

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