Mail Quiet over White Terror Plot

I read a brief story over at Pickled Politics today about a terrorist confessing to plotting acts of terrorism and manufacturing weapons to carry the plots out. The link was to an article in The Independent:

A white supremacist today admitted producing deadly ricin while preparing for acts of terrorism…

At Newcastle Crown Court he admitted producing a chemical weapon – ricin – and preparing for acts of terrorism.

He also admitted three charges of possessing a record containing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing acts of terrorism.

Perhaps because he is a white supremacist he didn’t get any coverage in the Daily Mail, who instead chose to report: ‘Seven Muslims arrested in Ireland over plot to kill Swedish cartoonist who drew Mohammed with the body of a dog‘ and ‘Pakistani men arrested ‘within days of massive Al Qaeda terror attack on Britain’‘. The Daily Mail did report the initial arrests back in June 2009, so why haven’t they reported on the confession? Maybe it just doesn’t fit into their worldview in which all terrorist plots are only planned by brown people.

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