Mail Readers Think Britain is worst place to live in

Tabloid Watch points out that today’s Mail article claiming Britain is the worst country in Europe only actually considers life in 10 European countries and has a strange obsession with fuel prices and keeping our homes warm. Tabloid Watch points out that this might just be because the ‘survey’ was conducted by uSwitch, a website just happening to offer the service of finding you a cheaper energy supplier. Naturally the Mail – and many others who claim to hate the very country they long to save – pick up this article and churn it out even though it serves as little more than free advertising for uSwitch and a chance for the newspaper to show off more ‘evidence’ that Britain really is the worst country, ever.

Surely though, Mail readers – those people that complain about anyone moving into their precious Britain – would not support the claim that Britain is the worst country in Europe:

Worst, Country, Ever.

Oh. They do. Well, why don’t they all just do us a favour and fuck off then?

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