MailOnline most popular website, EVER!

Claims the Daily Mail as Google releases details of the most searched for things online. The article states that:

the list of biggest search terms gives a clue to the hottest celebs and sites around. So there’s no surprise to see MailOnline making an appearance.

So, does ‘MailOnline’ make an appearance on this Google list? Er, no. The word ‘mail’ is in 9th place. Still, the Daily Mail is happy to take credit for part of this success:

In overall searches ‘Mail’ comes in at No.9, thanks no doubt in part to MailOnline, which this year broke the 50million barrier for the number of monthly unique users.

Or the fact that a lot of people check their ‘mail’ online. Still, in the news and current events category the Mail website does do very well, with ‘Daily Mail showbiz’ appearing in fifth place. MailOnline is very proud of this, which is odd, given that MailOnline editor Martin Clarke once said that:

News is far more important to us than showbiz. News is what drives our site.

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