News of the World pays damages to Brad and Jolie

The BBC have reported that:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have accepted an undisclosed sum in settlement of their privacy claim against the News of the World.

The stars sued the newspaper in January over a story saying they would separate and had agreed custody arrangements.

Appearing in London’s High Court, the couple’s lawyer said that News Group Newspapers now accepted the allegations were “false and intrusive”.

Furthermore, not only did some publications identify a divorce lawyer who had never even met the couple, the News of the World saw fit to wheel out the old ‘reported in good faith argument:

In court on Thursday morning, lawyer Keith Schilling said the News of the World, which argued that it had acted in good faith, had now agreed to publish an apology.

Again, I thought reporters and journalists received a salary precisely because they do not simply report things in good faith and actually attempt to verify and fact check stories.

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