PC Brigade Strikes Again

Another day another really old tradition destroyed by the PC Brigade. The actual story is about something different, but the Mail commenters are not put off as they get straight to the real problem: women shoved into jobs by the PC Brigade. The story is about a sorry case of bullying in the workplace: ‘Two Beefeaters sacked from Tower of London for bullying first female Yeoman‘.

It seems that two male members of staff didn’t like the fact that a woman had got the job – breaking a 500 year tradition of male only recruits. Getting the position was hardly easy – you need to have had a distinguished career serving Queen and Country for at least 22 years – and the appointed woman met this criteria. Surely not a problem is it?

Well it was for the two men who have been sacked for defacing her entry on Wikipedia – a pretty cowardly and pathetic act I’m sure most people would agree. However, Mail readers are not most people and they ignore the whole point of the story – bullying in the workplace – and instead focus on a good old bit of woman-bashing – something along the lines of: ‘It’s her own fault, she shouldn’t be there’:


At least those comments are currently the worst-rated on the article.

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