Police respond to grieving family concerns… Mail not happy

Another day, another attack on the Police Force from the Daily Mail. Today’s outraged headline is: ‘Unsolved murder’… who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! (Or how police wasted £20,000 probing suicide after tip-off by psychics). The article starts:

even the most diligent of officers would balk at the idea of launching a murder investigation based on a paranormal tip from a group of psychics.

This, however, is what Dyfed Powys Police did, even though officers were faced with what looked like a clear case of suicide.

Well, they didn’t really launch a murder investigation on a tip-off from a group of psychics, the truth is buried (as usual) at the very end of the article:

A spokesman for Dyfed Powys Police said: ‘The revelations of the mystics were brought to our attention via the family and these were followed to reassure the family that the full circumstances of the death were as they appeared.

‘Police have a responsibility to investigate all deaths thoroughly.’

The police were pretty much in an impossible situation, if they had ignored any concerns that the family had, then they’d be accused of neglecting the concerns of taxpayers, if they do investigate then they’re accused of wasting money. That is the trouble with Tabloid newspapers, they can never really lose because they can damn someone if they do, and damn them if they don’t.

Imagine the family’s point of view in this situation; they have to deal with the suicide of a family member and they would probably want to cling to any possibility that the family member did not take their own life. If they are offered any possibility that there was something more to the case I imagine they would want the police to investigate – no matter how slim the chances are of success.

But the Mail only like to pursue the human angle when it suits them, in this case they’d rather go down the ‘police wasting money’ mocking of a force trying to do the right thing by a grieving family. Just another day of gutter journalism.

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