Richard Littlejohn and Friday Moderators

Every Friday the Daily Mail moderators relax and let through criticism of Richard Littlejohn. It is a wonderful sight to behold.

His latest drivel: ‘Where’s PC Pagan? He’s at the Summer Solstice, Sarge…‘. Some comments that have been allowed to sit underneath it:

It’s easy to take cheap shots at pagans. “He’s the one with the horns on his helmet, seconded to the raping and pillaging squad”, for instance. It would be just as easy to take cheap shots at christians. “He’s the one in the floor-length cowled robe, seconded by the Inqusition’s torturers”. (But you won’t, of course. it isn’t safe). Or perhaps one could take a few cheap shots at journalists while we’re at it. “He’s the one in the saloon bar, desperately squeezing a hackneyed tirade of half-truths and opinionated rubbish out of his booze-sodden brain”. Or maybe even take a few cheap shots at people like me: “He’s the one who can’t resist the temptation to hit the keyboard when he sights an easy target”.

Come on, Richard, this piece is unworthy of you. You can do better.

– John Davies, Newport, Gwent, Wales., 17/7/2009 9:48

“I know it’s easy to mock, but someone’s got to do it”
You’re right Richard, you could never be accused of avoiding the easy option.
– Adam Dickson

The comments system is now broken, as seems to be increasingly common with the Daily Mail webshite.

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