Richard Littlejohn: Foreign Headbanger

Richard Littlejohn has always been obsessed with homosexuality – in 2008 he managed to refer to it in 40 of his 97 columns – but even for him today’s column is really all about gay people. Just look as his opening paragraph:

To be honest, I’ve always considered all Liberal MPs to be homosexuals unless furnished with concrete proof to the contrary.

You see, if you’re a liberal you’re bound to be a bit of a poof aren’t you? He carries on – with no point other than he loves talking about gay men – and manages to crowbar in some gay acts as well:

when Mark Oaten was revealed to be indulging in acts ‘too disgusting to be described in a family newspaper’ with a couple of rent boys, most people who had ever had any dealings with him simply shrugged. Sounds about right.

The Liberals have always had their fair share of homosexuals. Some of us are old enough to remember Jeremy Thorpe, Norman Scott and Rinka the dog.

You see, even if we do not know a gay man personaly, we can all shrug when they’ve been caught doing ‘disgusting’ things with a rent boy, because, well, that’s what gays do isn’t it? Littlejohn – despite writing a column entirely focusing on childish sniggers at David Laws’ sexuality (and the assertion that by default, all Liberals are gay) – still tries to imply that he received special ‘PC gone mad’ treatment from the BBC because he is gay:

Being gay didn’t save his job, but it probably mitigated some of the criticism. The BBC’s coverage was so funereal that for a moment I thought that another ‘woman who works as a prostitute’ had been found dead in Bradford.

A quick swipe at rent boys and ‘acts “too disgusting to be described in a family newspaper”‘ (which the Daily Mail certainly isn’t by the way) followed by a third kick at dead prostitutes – because he wants to hammer home his misogynistic point that the victims are not women and should not receive any sympathy or Police resources. Richard loves to dehumanise his victims, it makes it so much easier for him to argue that prostitutes deserved to die, than arguing that women in general deserve to die. Just another example of what a deeply unpleasant and ignorant dickhead Richard Littlejohn is – remember, he is the man who actually stated that the only difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’ was ‘semantic’.

His column ends with the usual round-up of made-up stuff and attacks on ‘Alky Ada’, in which Littlejohn – a supposed supporter of free speech – wants to silence anyone brown. Today he is calling for Zakir Naik to be kept out of the country and silenced. Littlejohn (who lives in Florida) refers to him as a ‘hatemongering truth twister’ and argues that freedom of speech ‘shouldn’t be extended to give foreign headbangers a licence to incite violence and hatred’.

I couldn’t agree more Richard, so presumably this will be your last column, following your immediate resignation?

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