Richard Littlejohn is a self-hating immigrant

Well Richard Littlejohn is back and surprise, surprise, he’s written a terrible piece supporting Judge Ian Trigger for telling the truth (read more about Judge Trigger here and here). I’ve already said all that needs to be said about Judge Ian Trigger: he is ignorant and wholly misinformed and his latest rant shows a complete lack of understanding of immigration and asylum. Naturally the Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn, a host of tabloids and a fair portion of their readerships are using Judge Trigger as evidence that immigration is a terrible problem.

You see, when you build a world made out of lies you cannot rely on facts to support you. If, for example, you actually looked at the figures for asylum or the amount of benefits actually paid to immigrants you would realise that you are living in a world of lies (see Tabloid Watch: ‘Nobody benefits from ‘immigrants on benefit’ stories‘. Therefore you have to find people who support you who are also part of this world of lies, so Judge Ian Trigger as a ‘senior’ judge is used as evidence that the world of lies is actually true. Naturally Judge Ian Trigger also avoids quoting figures or providing any evidence to support his claims, but this is, obviously because no evidence exists.

If your best argument to support your views that immigrants are only coming to the UK to enjoy our ‘generous benefits’ is that Judge Ian Trigger said so, then you are never going to win an argument with anyone even remotely acquainted with the reality hidden by tabloid lies. Sadly, Richard Littlejohn does precisely that, he argues that because a senior judge agrees with his worldview, his worldview is therefore 100% correct. He goes further of course and argues that the fact that Judge Ian Trigger is facing punishment for his foaming rants is a sign that New Labour wants to ban all dissent:

I’m surprised Judge Trigger hasn’t been smeared as a closet Tory, or worse a BNP racist. That’s the usual treatment meted out to anyone who tells the truth about Labour.

The full apparatus of government is deployed to destroy dissenters.

Of course, Richard Littlejohn has no idea about what ‘truth’ actually means, it is a concept utterly maleable in the hands of tabloid newspapers and he takes full advantage of this. He uses the word in his title: ‘A judge telling the truth about immigration? Take him to the cells!‘, of course the whole point is that the Judge isn’t telling any kind of ‘truth’ he is merely stating his interpretation of the world around him. He happens to be a senior judge and in line with the Daily Mail view of the world so he is supported. Richard Littlejohn is very selective with his judgements of people – as tabloid newspapers need to be – which is why he can use ‘senior’ Judge Trigger as evidence that the world view of the Daily Mail is right, whilst in the same article to lambaste Lord Justice Goldring who doesn’t happen at this point in time to be in-line with Littlejohn’s worldview.

Surely in terms of judge top trumps the judgement of a Lord should trump the ramblings of a mere ‘senior’ judge? Of course, the tabloid world does not work this way, so Littlejohn can argue in one paragraph that immigration must be out of control because a senior judge said so, whilst in another paragraph on the same page write off the verdict of another judge as being ‘precisely the kind of right-on judge to which we’ve become accustomed under Labour. They all seem to have been hand-picked by the Wicked Witch.’

The disappointing thing is that tabloid journalists do not have to work hard to gain the belief and trust of their readers, to the extent that they can have glowing contradictions in their articles and it still has no affect on those reading the article and taking away the message that Littlejohn wanted. It is depressing to know that such badly constructed articles absolutely full of lies and without a scrap of evidence can convince the reader that Littlejohn should be elected PM. Just some of the highlights of this article:

As the judge correctly observed, 31-year old McClearley’s case is a classic example of Britain’s chaotic immigration system. It not only illustrates the deliberate dismantling of border controls by Labour, but also the near impossibility of deporting anyone who is in the country illegally.

How many lies can you get into one paragraph? Again, the repeated lies that we have no border controls and that it is impossible to deport someone.

Enter the country illegally, steal, sell drugs, forge passports and you’ll be lavished with unlimited Legal Aid, benefits and sympathy.

Can you spot another lie here: ‘enter the country illegally’ – even Richard pointed out at the start of the article that this particular person entered the UK legally using a tourist visa – another example of terrible journalism from Littlejohn. And of course, his favourite lie: immigrants are lavished with legal aid and benefits. Richard Littlejohn is someone who has made a substantial amount of money from essentially repeating this one lie in a slightly different way twice a week for what feels like an eternity. Sadly, people are stupid enough to worship him as a result as if he is some kind of prophet. The ultimate irony is that Richard Littlejohn lives in Florida, he is an immigrant. He has moved to America because he wanted to, he likes it better than the UK, yet people who seek genuine Asylum in the UK because they are fleeing persecution in their own country are routinely mocked by Richard who just wants to send them all home.

It is the ultimate hypocrisy: ‘I am Richard Littlejohn, I like the sun and lifestyle of living in America, I therefore deserve to migrate; you are fleeing persecution and have no choice but to seek asylum, you are scum and should be sent home, you do not deserve to migrate’.

Remember, Daily Mail readers, Richard Littlejohn is an immigrant. He also happens to be a despicable human being profiting from lies and fear, and guess who’s paying? You are, every time you buy the Daily Mail.

A recent report by University College London noted the following:

Immigrants from the eight Central and Eastern European countries that joined the European Union in May 2004 are less likely to be claiming welfare benefits and less likely to be living in social housing than people born in the UK, according to a new paper from UCL.
What is more, they have made a positive contribution to the UK fiscal system, paying more in taxes than they receive in direct and indirect public transfers (such as benefits, NHS healthcare and education).

  • A8 immigrants who arrived after EU enlargement in 2004, and who have at least one year of residence – and are therefore legally eligible to claim benefits – are about 60% less likely than natives to receive state benefits or tax credits, and to live in social housing.
  • Comparing the net fiscal contribution of A8 immigrants with that of individuals born in the UK, in each fiscal year since enlargement in 2004, A8 immigrants made a positive contribution to public finance.
  • In the latest fiscal year, 2008/09, A8 immigrants paid 37% more in direct or indirect taxes than was spent on public goods and services which they received. This is even more remarkable because the UK has been running a budget deficit over the last few years.

I bet you didn’t read that in your tabloid newspaper. Perhaps the report was written by New Labour stooges or UCL are a hotbed of leftist lies? The truth is out there, tabloid readers, you need only to search for it.

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